Life’s good when you’re eating for two! After months of speculation, Kylie Jenner has not only finally confirmed her pregnancy but shared the exciting news that she has welcomed a baby girl with boyfriend Travis Scott. The duo posted a sweet video to YouTube on Feb. 4, and fans even got to see a glimpse of their newborn — who was born just three days prior! The lip kit mogul also let fans in on her pregnancy diet, and TBH, it sounds amazing.

While at a family gathering, the 20-year-old revealed to the camera what she put on her plate — and we wish she shared! “Two burgers, one for me and one for the baby,” she said. “And two different fries because I like regular fries and she really likes sweet potato fries. Then I got enough mac and cheese, greens, and one rib,” she shrugged. Yum!

kylie jenner pregnancy diet youtube

On a separate occasion, Kylie made a pit stop at what appears to be a fast food joint and ordered a double cheeseburger with fries well-done. She added, “Do I want cheese fries today? No. I’m okay, right?” Girl, when in doubt, always order cheese fries!

In the 11-minute clip, the reality star said she gained at least 20 pounds but still had at least eight more pounds to go to be at a healthy pregnancy weight. Her doctor recommended she be in the 28-35 pound range — so we can’t blame her for hitting up the drive-thru!

Previous reports, however, stated that Kylie actually gained 40 pounds throughout her pregnancy and was so embarrassed that she failed to make her family’s Christmas card. “She feels huge. She hates being pregnant and says she’s never felt this fat in her life,” a source told Life & Style exclusively. The insider also revealed how the lip kit maven had asked friends for their opinions about her body. “They all keep telling her she looks great; she doesn’t trust them,” the source added. “She thinks they’re just saying that so she doesn’t feel awful.”

Her older sister Kim Kardashian urged Kylie to embrace her pregnancy curves, no matter what the scale said. “Kim loves her sister and has been giving her advice on how to embrace her sexy new pregnancy curves,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Kim has been sharing fashion tips and what types of things not to wear, and which things in her wardrobe that may no longer be flattering as she goes along in her pregnancy.” The insider continued, “Kim is doing her best to love, support, and guide Kylie through the pregnancy so that Kylie can feel comfortable, confident, and sexy out in the world.”

It sure sounds like that’s true because the 37-year-old got real with her little sis in the video! “I need to school you on what your vagina’s about to feel like. Like, for real,” Kim said. LOL. Congrats, Kylie — we can already tell you’re going to be the best mama!