Now that Keeping Up With the Kardashians fans have calmed down a tiny bit after Kylie Jenner announced that she gave birth to her first child with her baby daddy Travis Scott on Instagram, it’s time to talk about another bombshell she dropped! Kylie shared a super sweet tribute video that Travis made for their baby girl, and after watching it for like the 27th time, fans are realizing that Kylie has a ring on THAT finger! Is Kylie engaged or already married to her baby daddy?

In multiple shots throughout the 11-minute video, Kylie flashed what appears to be two diamond bands on her left ring finger. It was easy to miss because fans were still in shock after Kylie just revealed that she is now a mom without ever actually confirming that she was pregnant. But there’s no denying it now, the rings are gorgeous and we’re dying to know if Travis actually popped the question or made Kylie his wife!

kylie jenner engagement ring wedding band youtube

(Photo Credit: YouTube)

Kylie, 20, and Travis. 25, were seemingly thrown into this pregnancy since she got pregnant just one month after they started dating last April. It’s understandable that a pregnancy would cause some tension between the young parents, and sources previously revealed to Life & Style that Ky’s pregnancy was pretty stressful because of it especially — because Travis didn’t slow down his rapper lifestyle while she was pregnant.

“He really loves to party,” a friend of Kylie’s told Life & Style. “He’ll try to FaceTime Kylie at 3 a.m. and she’s already been sleeping for six hours. They’re on completely different paths.”

The pal explained that Kylie and Travis had to get to know each other while also adjusting to their new roles as parents, and their pregnancy was unplanned. “It’s a really unconventional relationship, to say the least,” the insider revealed. “They’ve only ever been on about five dates!”