With all the recent attention on Mama June, 37, and her shocking weight loss journey, it’s easy to forget about good ol’ Mike “Sugar Bear” Thompson! So what has the father of Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson been up to since his long-term relationship with June went south in 2016? Read on to find out what the real Sugar Bear is all about and what life has been like with his new wife!

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Who is Sugar Bear’s new wife?

Sugar Bear’s, 45, new wife is Jennifer Lamb, 43, who works in Georgia for Pepsi. Jennifer married Sugar Bear back in October 2016, right before she made her candid appearance alongside Mama June during the Mama June: From Not to Hot reunion special. It was during that exclusive reunion show where the ladies proved that they were by no means on the road to becoming besties.

But in light of all the family drama, the newlyweds seem to be very much in love, which was apparent during their wedding kiss. E! News reported that it seemed to last for hours with Jennifer telling cameras, “He knows how to kiss a woman.” Fortunately, Mama June was able to power through the awkward kiss by using her ex’s wedding day as the opportune moment to show off her revenge body.

jennifer lamb sugar bear we tv

Jennifer and Sugar Bear. (Photo Credit: We TV)

Does Sugar Bear speak with Mama June?

What’s done is done. Mama June does not want to have anything to do with Sugar Bear and his new wife, but stressed concern during the reunion show (the last time she spoke with Jennifer face-to-face) over Alana and her eating habits. “I’ve been working hard on my body and I’m trying to get the kids to eat healthy — if y’all wanna eat unhealthy on your own time, go ahead,” she told Jennifer and Sugar Bear.

In an exclusive Facebook Live interview Mama June conducted with Life & Style, she warned Jennifer to “watch out!” for the day that he starts to mistreat her too.

Does Sugar Bear still have a relationship with Honey Boo Boo?

We really got to see a different side of Sugar Bear when he made an alarming spectacle during the reunion special, screaming about wanting custody of his daughter Honey Boo Boo and almost going to blows with his stepdaughter Lauryn (aka Pumpkin).

Although Mama June admitted that Alana and her father have a nonexistent relationship since the split, going as far as to say that they never really had a relationship in the first place, Sugar Bear put on the record during the reunion show that he got a lawyer to fight for custody of Alana.

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“I tell you what — I got a lawyer on the case, you’re gonna get the paperwork and that’s all I got to f–king say,” he said. What really made Sugar Bear blow up was the fact that Mama June revealed that he didn’t get in contact with Alana even when they were all in the same building during the filming of the reunion special, months after the wedding. “He is doing the legitimation for Alana to go to court to get visitation,” Jennifer said.

sugar bear_honey boo boo_mama june_getty

Sugar Bear, Honey Boo Boo, and Mama June. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

What type of wedding did Sugar Bear and Jennifer have?

In Touch reported that Sugar Bear and Jennifer Lamb had a small, casual backyard ceremony with his daughter Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson, who walked him down the aisle!

It’s a far cry from when Sugar Bear had Jennifer as his then-fiancée meet Alana for the first time: making a duck face and confessing in her confessional, “When Mama hears I met Jennifer, she’s going to lose it. So I’m not gonna tell her.”

Check out everything Mama June had to say about Sugar Bear in this exclusive interview below!