Christmas came early, beauty fans! Influencer Sylvia Gani just released her very first makeup collab on Dec. 5, and it’s a stunning palette with BH Cosmetics. We know what we wanna see in our stockings this year! The beauty guru sat down exclusively with Life & Style to chat about her exciting new venture.

“I’ve always loved BH products, because when I started out with makeup, BH was one of the only brands I could actually afford. The very first palette I actually bought myself was a BH palette,” Sylvia explained. “Which makes it really cool that it’s come full circle and I’m making my own palette with them! It’s insane.” Sylvia said that along with being a fan of the brand, BH really let her do her own thing and make a product she was proud of, which made it even more special. “For my first collab, I really wanted to make sure I picked the right brand, and [BH] was open giving me creative freedom and believed in me and my brand and vision.”

sylvia Gani palette
Courtesy of Sylvia Gani

So what did she do with that creative freedom? Sylvia made her ultimate dream palette! “I had so many ideas, and I just wanted this palette to be like, if I had to choose one palette for the rest of my life, I wanted to put the shades in there that I’d want and need to create all of the looks I love,” the 24-year-old powerhouse explained. “So this palette is all of the shades I love and use the most often, they’re my favorite shades with a bomb formula that I approved, so instead of having 20 palettes and using one shade I like from each, I put them all together!”

But that doesn’t mean those shades only work on people with the same skin tone as Sylvia. “I’m so grateful for the experience that I got when I worked at Mac, because I got to work with so many different people, different ethnicities and skin tones, so I learned a lot about what shades look good on different skin tones and different preferences, what shadows look good on different eye shapes and ages. I did want to make this palette for everybody and not have shades that only looked good on my eyes or my skin tone.”

Courtesy of Sylvia Gani

Those shades include tons of neutrals, transition shades, highlights, and even pops of color that while bright, are still totally accessible. “They’re very wearable shades that I’m drawn to,” Sylvia mused. “I’m more of a neutral girl but I do like to glam it up once and a while with a cranberry eye or a nice purple to make my hazel eyes pop. But I wanted to make sure that they’re wearable and don’t scare people away. I just wanted to go all out and create something so special!”

Though it would be nearly impossible for Sylvia to pick a fave shade, she says she’s a big fan of Opal. “It is one of the highlight shades, and it’s really a multipurpose shadow,” she said. “It’s a highlight/topper but since it doesn’t have a strong base color you can use it was a glitter cover, top coat. There’s so many ways you can use that shade!”

Courtesy of Sylvia Gani

And, of course, Sylvia wants her followers to know how much they mean to her and inspire her. “I always want my fans to know that I love them, and thank you for the support,” she said. Sylvia’s collab is available right now, exclusively on the BH Cosmetics website. For all 22 stunning shadows, it’s only $24. “It’s unheard of, especially for the quality and the formula of the shadows,” said Sylvia about the amazing price. “I don’t think that there’s any other affordable brand out there that’s offering what this shadow offers!” BRB, grabbing ours now!