It’s been nearly five years since Tabatha Coffey has graced our small screens. But, thankfully the reality TV gods have heard our prayers, and the 48-year-old Aussie hair guru is back on Bravo and better than ever. Tabatha rose to fame on her eponymous show, Tabatha Takes Over — which ran for five glorious seasons from 2008 to 2013 — on which she dished out “tough love” to hair salons across the country in an effort to revamp their flawed business models.

Though she’s no longer laser-focused on beauty, Tabatha is still doing her best to give businesses a much needed boost. This time, however, the Own It! author has shifted 100 percent of her attention to failing family businesses on her latest docuseries, Relative Success with Tabatha. According to the Bravolebrity, watching her mom and dad run a business together set her up for success in her new role. Check out our interview with Tabatha in the video below!

“My parents owned strip clubs in Australia when I was a kid, so they ran them together. They had a partner as well. It wasn’t just theirs, but my mother and my father worked together,” Tabatha told Life & Style. “Watching my mother, she was really strong and very smart, really tough — but also kind. She cared about her staff and cared about what happened. And she was a great role model because she had me to bring up. And she had to take care of her family and her husband and a business and staff and kind of keep everything moving.”

The Brisbane native — who now lives in New Jersey — added, “And my mom was great at that. That’s also where I learned the tough love. That’s where the brand came from. The DNA was stamped into me from her. But it was a great lesson as a young girl and as a businesswoman, that you could do that and that was OK. And it didn’t mean that you weren’t a kind, loving person. It just meant that you were honest and tough and strong.”

While her “tough love” has ruffled a few feathers over the years, Tabatha is confident that it’s the best method to whip a business into shape. “I can be tough and I can make tough suggestions and say what’s on my mind and what’s truthful and what’s hurting the business because I’m not emotionally attached. And, yes, it does work because someone needs to tell these people what’s really going on and give them a reality check,” she explained to Life & Style. “Tough love just works for me because I have a limited time to do what I need to do, which is to help these businesses and families get it together so they can keep moving forward…But I have heard that I’m tougher on my hairdressers!”

Watch the blonde beauty work her magic on Relative Success with Tabatha, airing on Bravo Wednesday nights at 10 p.m. EST.