The A-list/YouTuber crossover we all deserve! On Sunday, January 26, Tana Mongeau took to her Instagram Story to share several fun-filled clips of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello rocking out at the Republic Record Grammys afterparty

In the videos, the celebrity couple is singing One Direction’s classic hit “Steal My Girl,” along with fellow artist Lewis Capaldi. Needless to say, it looked like an incredible time! After all, is there anything better than belting out a nostalgic track after a couple of drinks?

Shawn Mendes, Tana Mongeau, Camila Cabello
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Even though Tana isn’t exactly a titan of the music industry, she’s definitely broken out of the influencer mold. In fact, her new BFF is none other than Paris Hilton!

Just ahead of 2020, Tana took to Twitter to share a sweet message for her mentor. “Forever inspired by Paris Hilton’s entire existence,” she gushed, adding the growing heart emoji. Of course, Paris retweeted Tana’s shout-out and wrote, “Love you, Dizzy.”

Tana Mongeau

Paris certainly has had quite the entrepreneurial influence on Tana. So much so, that on Saturday, January 25, the Las Vegas native announced the launch of her first-ever perfume, Tana By Tana.

“I never in my WILDEST DREAMS thought watching Paris Hilton perfume commercials on my TV at 11 that I’d be able to be doing the same thing, with her help, at 21,” the blonde beauty expressed. 

Additionally, Tana also offered an in-depth description of what her now-signature scent smells like: “It will captivate you with the flirty top notes of Tahitian vanilla and a head-turning base of vivid, sexy citrus. The heart having subtle notes of argan oils will kiss your skin with it’s silky texture.”

Oh, OK, in that case, we’ll take 100 bottles, please and thank you! We can’t wait to see what Tana has in store for us next. As Paris would say, keep ~sliving~ your best life, Miss Mongeau. 

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