The Winter Olympics just came to a close — and as always the world starts rehashing every detail from the figure skating routines to the Olympian drama, including the Tara Lipinski plastic surgery rumor. Gold medalist Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir served us some hilarious and sassy commentary as the official broadcast team for the 2018 figure skating competition. We absolutely loved watching the duo, in their matching bedazzled headsets, on our television screens.

However, during trials for the figure skating team, fans noticed that Tara, who competed in the 1998 Winter Games, looked slightly different — and are convinced she went under the knife. According to Google Trends, search for plastic surgery and the athlete went up nearly 500 percent over the past couple of weeks.

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So did Tara, 35, get some work done? Life & Style reached out to plastic surgeon Dr. Tal Rounder, who has never treated Tara, for his opinion. "From looking at the pictures, it appears as if Tara has gotten Botox on the upper face, primarily for crow’s feet and on her forehead, and she has had upper eyelid surgery, as well," the Miami-based surgeon said. "It also looks like she’s gotten fillers in her cheekbones and possibly in her upper lip because they look a little fuller, though nothing too obvious. Less subtle changes are her nose, which could be attributed to a nose job, and her chin, which could be a result of fillers or an implant."

He continued, "Ultimately, she’s a very pretty girl! She has very nice open eyes, nice lips, and just an overall nice appearance." While Tara has never responded to cosmetic surgery rumors, she has credited her age-defying beauty on getting a good night's sleep and a few helpful products.

See Tara Lipinski Before and After Her (Rumored) Plastic Surgery

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If you look back to 2003, Tara was pictured at a party during the release of Final Destination 2 living it up as any 21-year-old would. The ice skating queen is now 35 and her full cheeks and line-free face make it seem like she hasn't aged a day past 25.

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Then in 2006, this beaming bombshell walked the red carpet at the Step Up Inspiration awards with a cascade of strawberry blonde curls. Nine years later, her full cheeks and minimal smile lines stunned at the Dizzy Feet Foundation's 5th Annual Celebration Dance Gala. We’re shocked with how well she’s aged and we'd love to know her full skincare routine!

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Hilary Duff vibes anyone? Tara's adorable early '00s look takes us back to much simpler times, and we love the headband hairdo she rocked to 944 Magazine's first anniversary party in 2007. A recent picture of her at the 2018 Winter Olympics shows that her skin is eerily perfect, not a wrinkle or ounce of discoloration to be found. Signs of aging begin appearing in your early twenties, but it looks like Tara is an exception to that rule!

Tara lipinski before after plastic surgery

Talk about a big winner and a big heart. Tara showed up to a party to support her fellow Olympian Evan Lysacek after he won gold. The 2010 celebration took place at Ralph Lauren and, despite her darling habit of flashing her pearly whites, she has no smile lines to show for it today. Good genetics? Possibly.

How to Follow Tara Lipinski’s Beauty Routine

In an interview with the blog Furthermore, Tara said that she swears by Aquaphor and uses it for everything from lip balm to eye cream. The one thing though that’s always by her side is her water bottle. Always sipping water keeps her skin supple and hydrated. Tara also relies on bold lip colors to make her face look bright and awake. Kat Von D, Tarte, Dior, and Buxom are a few in her lippie arsenal. The Everything Pencil from Judith August is what Tara calls “the smallest available form of Photoshop you can carry around in you bag. This is the definition of a quick fix.”

SPF is another must-have in her makeup bag, along with the coconut body butter from Trader Joe’s. Tara admires how ageless J.Lo looks for being just two years shy of 50. She, along with many other celebs, credits sunscreen as the secret key to staying and looking youthful.

Nia Hicks, the makeup artist that’s worked on Tara’s look for events like the 2017 Nationals, her engagement party, and photoshoots, has several brands she turns to. She mentioned in her blog that she loves Smashbox’s BB cream, MAC’s Pro-Longwear foundation, and Buxom Lash mascara from Bare Minerals. Every client she works on ends up with glowing, dewy skin, so she clearly knows her stuff. Whether it’s good genes, cosmetic procedures, or having a few good makeup artists, Tara definitely has one enviable complexion!