It's hard to imagine that in Taylor Swift's "Wildest Deams" she'd ever deem herself a copycat, but that's exactly what fans are accusing her of after watching the music video for her song, "Delicate." Swifties and haters couldn't help but point out the similarities between Taylor's work and a 2016 Kenzo World perfume ad which featured actress Margaret Qualley and was directed by Spike Jonze.

Although the concepts of the video and ad are a bit different, the choreography, costumes, and silly facial expressions are eerily similar. In the "Delicate" video, Taylor plays an international superstar who becomes invisible at a fancy event. She uses the time to kick off her shoes and dance around the room in a way she never would if she could be seen.

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However, in the ad, Margaret simply excuses herself from the same kind of elegant occasion and finds that being alone in a huge venue incredibly thrilling — where she then dances around the venue as well. But for critics, the differentiating concepts weren't enough to hold them back from giving Taylor some hate.

"The new @taylorswift13 Delicate music video is such an insanely blatant copy/rip-off of the Spike Jonze Kenzo World commercial. The setting, color palette, choreography, everything," one person wrote. Another said, "Taylor Swifts Delicate MV is a complete rip off of Spike Jonze’s Kenzo advert with Margaret Qualley. Like as a Taylor fan I’m saying it and not denying it. ??‍♀️."

Others even provided screenshots from both the video and the ad to further prove that the idea behind Taylor's work — which was directed by Joseph Kahn — wasn't exactly original. In the comparisons, one Twitter user called Taylor's video, "a poor man's version of Spike Jonze's ad for Kenzo."

Yikes. And while Taylor's Reputation album has been making headlines ever since it dropped in November 2017, this "Delicate" drama might top the list. Taylor nor her team have yet to comment on the claims.