We heard about you, Taylor Swift! The 28-year-old pop surprised fans on Jan. 10, when she revealed on her app — The Swift Life — that she’s releasing the music video for “End Game.” The new video is set to drop tonight at midnight EST and to say Swifties are excitedly awaiting its release would be an understatement.

“End Game” can be described as Taylor’s most adventurous track on her sixth studio album, Reputation. The uptempo song shows the singer moving seamlessly between genres as she sings about a potential love interest while collaborators Ed Sheeran and Future rap their verses. So, what can fans expect in a video from such an ambitious track? Keep scrolling to learn everything we know about the upcoming music vid!

Ed and Future will make appearances.

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Honestly, an “End Game” music video without the red-headed Brit and “Mask Off” singer would be disappointing. So, we’re glad Taylor was able to secure both of them for filming. Tbh, hearing Ed rap the lines, “When we were little bit older, both sprung / I got issues and chips on both of my shoulders” was something we didn’t even know we needed.

Katy Perry might make a cameo.

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Yeah… we’re just as confused as you are about this. It’s no secret that Katy and Taylor have a long and complicated history stemming from their frenemy (more like enemy) relationship. It all started after Taylor said in an interview that her song “Bad Blood” was about another female singer who had wronged her.

She revealed, “She basically tried to sabotage an entire arena tour. She tried to hire a bunch of people out from under me.” Katy later released “Swish Swish” which is rumored to be about Tay. And now, after seeing recent photos from the “End Game” music video set, fans think Katy will appear in the vid as a way of burying the hatchet. Or it could always just be a backup dancer that resembles her?

The video was shot in three countries.

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If it felt like the video will have an international flavor to it after watching the teaser — you’re right. It was reportedly filmed in Tokyo, Miami, and London. Taylor clearly spared no cost to make sure the video would be her best one yet. We can’t wait to watch it on repeat approximately 92103830 times!