Once again Taylor Swift has the entire word pulling out their metaphorical magnifying glasses to decipher her latest music video. The 27-year-old singer just dropped the vid for "…Ready For It?" and tbh, we weren't ready for it. The Internet has been in a frenzy since it hit YouTube, so we thought we'd clear up some confusion about what's actually going on in her latest visual adaption.

So, press play below and follow along as we decipher all the hidden messages Tay left for her Swifites to find. Keep scrolling to learn more about the "…Ready For It" music video!

Okay, so before we do a deep dive into all the references she used in the video you show know this: there's shade to an ex, subtle winks to her current boyfriend, and shout outs to "old Taylors" aka old music videos. You ready? * clears throat * Let the games begin.

She confirms her relationship with Joe Alwyn.

taylor swift ready for it youtube 7

To the right of Taylor is an "89" in reference to her birth years and a "91" in reference to Joe's birth year. So, for anyone who was still skeptical that the two are an item, there's another clue for you. She also has "I love you in secret" written on the wall which makes sense because they kept their relationship top-secret for months.

This is a throwback to "Blank Space."

taylor swift ready for it youtube 2

If you need a refresher then click here to watch the truly iconic video again. The entire premise of "Blank Space" is running with the narrative that the media portrays of her. “'Oh, a serial dater. She only writes songs to get emotional revenge on guys,'" she told NME about her inspiration behind the hit. "'She’s a man hater. Don’t let her near your boyfriend.’ It was just kind of excessive and, you know, at first it was hurtful and then I kind of found a little comedy in it."

This totally makes sense because the consensus is that the theme of this video is Taylor breaking out (quite literally) of the mold that the media has her in. But, we'll get to that later.

Calvin Harris, this one's for you.

taylor swift ready for it youtube 3

This shot looks suspiciously similar to the artwork for Calvin Harris and Rihanna's song — "This Is What You Came For" — that Taylor later admitted she wrote. Of course, that reveal caused a ton of drama between the exes.

This is a metaphor.

taylor swift ready for it youtube 4

Remember when we said that this music video is a statement about how she's portrayed in the media? Well, it is. Okay, so "bad Taylor" aka Taylor in a black hood is keeping "captive Taylor" aka naked Taylor in a box. (Kind of like the serial dater box she said before the media puts her in!) It isn't until she realizes her true power that she is able to break out and take back the narrative.

Get ready.

taylor swift ready for it youtube 5

It's our belief that's what Reputation will be about. It's an entire album about Taylor Swift flipping the script and telling her side of the story. She does have a reputation to protect. So, watch out because when her new album drops on Nov. 10, no one will be safe. Take it away, Tay.