Teddi Mellencamp Poses in Black Bra and Underwear Three Days After giving Birth to Daughter Dove
Courtesy of Teddi Mellencamp Instagram

Strong mama! Teddi Mellencamp shared her “day three postpartum reality” after giving birth to her daughter, Dove, whom she shares with husband Edwin Arroyave. “It is unbelievable, unconditional love. It is an incredibly powerful bond that Dove and I share,” the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star gushed over her sweet girl to caption an Instagram photo of herself in a black bra and matching high-rise underwear.

The 38-year-old cries “tears of joy” when her hubby, 42, “lights up” around their newborn, or when her older children — Cruz and Slate — jumped into “their newfound sibling roles.” Edwin also has a daughter named Isabella from a previous marriage.

However, babies come with their own set of challenges. “Let’s be real, is ‘sleep when the baby is sleeping’ actually a thing?” Teddi continued her lengthy post. “It is knowing that feeling delirious will be the new norm for a while.” The blonde beauty’s body is also undergoing a lot after giving birth. “It is humbling, to say the least — switching from the mesh ‘mom diaper’ with ice from the hospital to high-waisted compression panties at home,” she confessed. “It is drinking way too much prune juice with crushed ice because you are anxiously awaiting the first post-baby [poop emoji].” The reality babe revealed that she learned from multiple lactation specialists that “only [her] right breast is able to breastfeed … due to scarring on the left.” Despite all the changes, Teddi is “embracing and loving” her body, even when her son Cruz “asks why [her] stomach hasn’t deflated.”

Giving birth has a mental impact, too. “It is trying to calm your mind when you are continuously running all the hypotheticals of every scenario in your head,” the Bravo star admitted. “It is a constant reminder to live in the moment and feel all the highs and lows that a new baby brings. It is the simultaneous notion of wanting to slow down while still feeling the need to rearrange and organize the entire house.”

Although it’s been a “constant roller coaster,” Teddi is filled with “overwhelming gratitude” for the support she’s received and “wouldn’t change it for the world.” “My baby girl is here and I love her more than words can say. We each have our own journey and this is mine,” she concluded the emotional post.

Keep doing you!