Take it from model Tess Holliday — it’s not easy defying beauty standards. The gorgeous plus size advocate got incredibly candid about not being a size 0 on her Twitter on October 17, and we honestly commend her for highlighting the sides of fat-shaming a lot of people just aren’t clued in on.

“Please everyone, if you’re fat. Stay fat,” the 34-year-old wrote in a sarcastic PSA. “[And] if you aren’t, please gain a lot of weight [because] being fat is so much fun! People treat you like s—t constantly, judge you unfairly, stare at you, call you names, insult your intelligence, [and] send you death threats. 10/10 recommend.”

Fans and followers flocked to the comments section to share their thoughts on the snarky call-out, some agreeing and others not. But one fan had an interesting response which seems to be true of most marginalized groups. “We can never just be people. We have to be fat people, black people, skinny people, drunk people, poor people, rich people, smart people, dumb people, etc,” they wrote. “We are people! There always MUST be something to hate or shame.”

Then, on October 18, the redheaded beauty shared a stunning topless photo on her Instagram, showing off her full glam look with hair and makeup on point. But don’t mistake her — she had something to say in this caption, too.

“When they say I ‘pRoMoTE oBeSiTy,'” she captioned the sultry pic. “Nah, the only thing I’m promoting is cutting out toxic relationships, staying hydrated, good hair, great brows, a big ole ass and dewy f—king skin.” Plus, the influencer also shouted out her fans for a big milestone in the same caption. “Also, 2 million followers?! THANK YALL!!! ILYSM.”

This definitely wouldn’t be the first time the #EffYourBeautyStandards founder has been vocal about fat-shaming or even self-love. “But really, my only obligation to y’all is to live a life as authentic and transparent as possible,” she told fans on a workout photo in August. “I will continue to show that loving your body in whatever state, is vital. You can work out all you want, but if you hate yourself, no amount of weight loss will fix that.”