What could be better? Tess Holliday took to Instagram to share some seriously smart tips to boost your mood on a crappy day — and it turns out a little beauty can go a long way, folks.

“Having a bad day? Curl your hair & throw some lipstick on for the hell of it 💁🏻‍♀️💅🏻,” the 34-year-old model captioned a super sexy video of herself with her red hair on fleek and her lips painted, posted on August 30. She also included the hashtag, “#moodimproved.”

Needless to say, fans and followers were all over the incredible clip, letting Tess know exactly what they thought of her look and her advice. “OMG, slay girl!!!!” one fan gushed on the post, while another wrote, “I’m LIVING!!!” Another fan called the sexy plus-size babe a “Siren!!!”

Honestly, we gotta agree there — between her sultry stare and her fierce red locks (Ariel, anyone?), she’s definitely some kind of gorgeous sea creature. A few other fans agreed with the body positive activist about her preferred mode of pick-me-ups. “This is my favorite! Mood enhancer for sure. 💕,” one follower said, while another added, “Lipstick makes everything better ❤️.”

This wouldn’t be the first time Tess advised her followers on how to navigate the world’s sometimes impossible standards. In fact, she recently told fans she would always be transparent for them, in order to be the best example possible. “My only obligation to y’all is to live a life as authentic and transparent as possible,” she wrote on Instagram on August 27. “I will continue to show that loving your body in whatever state, is vital.”

She has also been super vocal about her depression, getting candid with fans when things aren’t going so hot for her — but also when they improve. “[Baby’s] first big event since my lil’ depression episode and honestly, this is the best I’ve felt in a long time,” she revealed back on August 11. “I’m not sayin’ I’m better, because I’m [100 percent] not, but damn … I look good and it was so nice meeting so many fans and getting so many hugs.”