We all know that reality TV isn’t exactly “real,” but it’s still kinda fun for fans to try to spot little editing mistakes and continuity errors! One eagle-eyed fan noticed a glaring issue with the rose ceremony on the July 16 epsiode of The Bachelorette. Did you spot it? If not, we’ve got you covered.

First, Becca walked into the rose ceremony beside three roses on the pedestal. After giving Blake and Jason their roses, it was down to just Garrett and Colton. Fans were devastated when Becca sent Colton packing, but before walking him out, the camera showed Jason, Blake, and Garrett wearing their boutonnieres.

rose ceremony

Becca doesn’t give Colton the rose.

Becca walked Colton out and apologized profusely for leading him on and hurting him while we all cried. Perhaps the collective devastation is why we didn’t notice that upon re-entering the room with her three remaining guys, Becca walked past the pedestal, which once again had three roses on it.

rose ceremony

Becca returns after saying goodbye to Colton. Three roses are back on the table.

Huh?! Milliseconds later, the camera cut from her walking in past the roses to her with the three guys, who were all still wearing their roses on their lapels. It seems like what happened is they either had to re-shoot Becca entering, or used a clip of her entering from the beginning of the ceremony for some reason.

rose ceremony

Becca’s guys are all wearing their roses again.

Either way, the outcome was the same: Colton was gone, and people are blaming Tia Booth. That’s because after Becca sat through another talk with Colton’s dad about how meaningless his relationship with Tia was, she came back and told Becca she still had feelings for him and it hurt her to see them together. The backlash actually got so bad that becca had to beg fans to stop harassing her pal!

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