Did Peter Weber just shoot his shot with Charlize Theron? It sure seems like it! The 28-year-old Bachelor star, whose season premieres on January 6, made his move on Instagram after the 44-year-old low-key fangirled over the show.

It all started when Charlize shared a photo of herself posing next to a poster from the series in which Peter is holding a rose. “Turbulence I like,” she captioned the pic posted on December 29. How flirty and punny! In case you don’t keep up with Bachelor Nation and their stars, Peter is an airline pilot.

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Turbulence I like

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From there, he also shared a black and white photo of himself posing next to one of Charlize’s J’adore Dior poster ads and captioned it, “Turbulence can be fun.” Well, OK!

Fans and friends of the show expressed their love for this witty exchange. “I’m living for this,” wrote one person. “Oh my God!” wrote a second person. Even Chris Harrison had something to say. “Well played, kid. Well played,” the host commented.

Peter Weber With Charlize Theron Poster
Courtesy of Peter Weber/ Instagram

Considering Peter’s season hasn’t even aired yet, we have no idea who he ends up with. However, after seeing Peter and the Academy Award-winning actress interact like this, a tiny part of us can’t help but ship them together. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see more punny posts?

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though. There’s another lady who may also have a piece of Peter’s heart, and that’s his ex Hannah Brown. The pilot and the former Bachelorette have some unresolved issues to work out, which stemmed from her season. That’s partially why she’s making a return to his season, according to Chris.

“I think it’s something that needed to be dealt with, the relationship,” he told E! News recently. “I think it’s a relationship that didn’t have a clean, clear break. I think , and some underlying feelings that maybe they thought they had both dealt with. I knew once they saw each other, they probably hadn’t really dealt with them all, so I think it’s a hurdle that we needed to clear before we moved forward.”

Guess we’ll have to wait and see who Peter gives his final rose to!