He broke ’em up and he brought ’em back together, but they still had to find their footing once more. According to Joe Jonas, his brother Nick Jonas broke the Jonas Brothers up back in 2013, but he also brought them back together in 2019. The wildly famous group just announced their resurgence as a band and dropped a brand new single, but the JoBros let the world in on the journey to their comeback in an interview with SiriusXM Hits 1 on March 1.

“We started spending a lot of time together and we all kind of felt there was [and there] is a magic when we’re together that we really missed,” Nick, 26, revealed during the interview with Joe, 29, and Kevin Jonas, 31, by his side. “We wanted to feel that again.” Trust us, Nick, so did we.

“We talked about it and after a few conversations and a bit of healing that needed to be done with just us as family, we all came to the decision to do this again,” he continued.

“Then we got in the studio and the magic that we spoke about, we felt it again right away,” Nick explained. “We’re on cloud nine at the moment.” It’s possibly the greatest feeling in the world, knowing the JoBros are as stoked as we are for their reunion.

The newly minted husband, who married Priyanka Chopra on December 1, also revealed that the brothers filmed a documentary about their lives and careers in 2018 and a lot of the reunion discussions were caught on camera.

“That will be coming later on this year for [people] to see,” he teased the release of the doc. We know we’re not the only ones jumping out of our skin to see this film. Bring on the JoBro albums, films, concerts, t-shirts … you get the idea.

The Jonas Brothers dropped their new single, “Sucker,” on March 1 and debuted the music video for the track the same day. The super fun vid featured Priyanka, Joe’s fiancée, Sophie Turner, and Kevin’s wife, Danielle Jonas.