There might not be any Infected in Jackson, Wyoming, but there seems to be a film crew! Fans of HBO’s breakout series The Last of Us noticed a hilarious mistake during episode 6, “Kin,” which aired on Sunday, February 19.

“Brilliant episode. Something you might want to fix and reupload though. You can see the film crew in this shot,” one eagle-eyed fan shared in now-viral Twitter post, calling out the apparent goof while replying to The Last of Us video game creator, Neil Druckmann.

Attached to the tweet was an image from the show, which showed an aerial shot of a snowy landscape in which it appeared the show’s crew could be seen in the trees. The same Twitter user who caught the mistake replied to himself, making it clear that he wasn’t being shady and just wanted to help.

“So it’s clear, in case anyone can’t see it. I highlighted the areas where the crew is standing. With a little humor,” he added. “Also, I LOVE both the game and the series. I’m not simply pointing out mistakes. But I’m sure they’d want to fix it.”

The Last of Us Mistake
Liane Hentscher/HBO

In the second image, the social media user edited in images of two Starbucks cups, seemingly referring the famous Game of Thrones goof from a May 2019 episode in which a coffee cup could be seen in the shot.

No one from The Last of Us cast or crew has publicly acknowledged the apparent mistake in the episodes, but that hasn’t bothered the fans. Viewers are still gushing over the emotional installment, which featured a reunion between Pedro Pascal‘s Joel and his onscreen brother Tommy, played by Gabriel Luna.

The Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. alum said that when filming the emotional moment, Pedro “came in already loaded with a lot of feeling that we were able to develop in a very short time during that rehearsal,” during an interview with Esquire that was published after The Last of Us episode 6 aired.

“He and I went through the whole range. We’re just happy to see each other. Is this truly my brother sitting in front of me? Can I believe my own eyes that he’s here? Joel’s in awe of the wonderland around him, that we’ve been able to cultivate and create ourselves, right down to real whiskey,” Gabriel said about the scene between the siblings. “That’s what leads us down the darker path of this conversation. It’s just the incorporation of the alcohol. As we’ve seen in the early episodes, [Joel] relies heavily on alcohol to try to kill the pain.”

New episodes of The Last of Us premiere via HBO and HBO Max on Sundays at 9 p.m. ET.