Did Pedro Pascal find love in Hollywood? The Chilean-American actor is stealing the hearts of The Last of Us viewers, but the star tends to keep his romantic relationships out of the public eye.

Keep reading for on Pedro’s dating life, relationship history and more. 

Is Pedro Pascal Married?

The actor does not appear to be married.

Is Pedro Pascal Single?

Since he’s so private about his love life, it appears that the Narcos star is single. However, he’s never spoken publicly about dating as a Hollywood star.

Pedro Pascal’s Dating History

While he’s never spoken publicly about any relationships, the actor has been romantically linked to a few stars. In the 1990s, he briefly dated Orange Is the New Black star Maria Dizzia, according to multiple reports. The two starred on Law and Order together before taking their relationship to the next level.

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Following his role as Oberyn Martell on Game of Thrones, the Mandalorian star sparked relationship rumors with Lena Headey, who played Cersei Lannister. While they never spoke publicly about the rumors, the former HBO actress welcomed a child with ex-husband Dan Cadan in July 2015. She went on to marry Marc Menchaca in October 2022.

Amid his role as FBI Agent Marcus Pike on The Mentalist, fans speculated that Pedro was dating costar Robin Tunney. However, they never spoke about the rumors, which quickly fizzled.

Pedro Pascal’s Quotes About Sexuality

During an interview with the Los Angeles Times in September 2017, the HBO star reacted to a Reddit group called “Gay For Oberyn,” referring to his Game of Thrones character.

“It’s so wonderful. I think it’s all a spectrum, right? Straight men can have — do have — crushes on other men. It doesn’t make them gay, it doesn’t make them bi. I was super-flattered,” Pedro shared at the time. “The guys that picked on me in middle school in Corona del Mar probably have a crush on me now. Maybe they had a crush on me then and that’s why they picked on me.”

Does Pedro Pascal Have Kids?

The actor does not appear to have any kids. However, he’s often accompanied to various premieres and events with his nephews, who even convinced him to take the leading role in HBO’s 2023 series The Last of Us. He recalled a conversation with his sister and her sons during an interview with BBC Radio 1 ahead of the show’s premiere.

“I said, ‘There’s this job opportunity, it’s actually based on a video game.‘ And she’s like, ‘Yeah?’ And I said, ‘It’s called ‘The L –’ and I didn’t even get to the A-S-T of the word last and my nephews were like, ‘The Last of Us! You have to do it! You better get this job!'” he recalled.