11 Hilarious Quotes From ‘The Office’ That Make the Best Pick Up Lines in Real Life

Let’s be honest — at some point, we’ve all used a cheesy pick up line (or five) to break the ice with a major crush. And who can blame us? After all, we only want to make the best first impression and convince people that we’re smooth talkers. But unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds, and the characters from The Office know the feeling all too well.

Just like us, Dwight, Michael and the rest of the gang have had super awkward moments when it came to the romance department. But one thing we learned is that they definitely have a way with words! From Creed’s bold comments to Michael’s hilarious one-liners, we’ve rounded up some of the best quotes that would make awesome pick up lines in real life!

If you’ve got your eye on someone special and you’re feeling stuck, check out these 11 quotes that are sure to get their attention! (FYI, results may vary).