There’s nothing I love more than a good holiday movie, but until this year, I can honestly say I had never seen a single Lifetime Christmas movie (I know, it’s blasphemy!). That all changed on Thanksgiving when, thanks to the countless radio advertisements on the drive to my parents’ house, I tuned into their movie marathon and was hooked all weekend. Clearly, I’d been depriving myself of feel-good cheesy wonderfulness and now that I’ve started, I just can’t stop. And thanks to Netflix, I have an endless supply of Hallmark, Freeform, and Lifetime holiday movies to last me until the end of December. Bless.

Which brings me to The Spirit of Christmas, a Lifetime movie that has four stars on Netflix, and a description that literally says, “As Christmas approaches, attorney Kate Jordan travels to Vermont to oversee the sale of an inn, where she falls for a handsome but cursed ghost.” The mention of a “handsome but cursed ghost” seemed… weird to me, so I skipped it and watched 12 Dates of Christmas. I was in the mood for a feel-good love story that wasn’t about someone who died and was cursed.

However, the next day, while I was discussing with my coworker all the “bad, but good” holiday movies I had recently watched (as one does), she told me I should watch The Spirit of Christmas because there’s a “really hot guy who’s a ghost.” Say no more, I am sold. Had Netflix said it was a “hot ghost” I’d have been more inclined to watch immediately — “handsome” doesn’t always imply hot, they really need to know their audience better.

Anyway, I watched The Spirit of Christmas last night and low and behold, the ghost is hot AF. No, seriously. The entire time he was on the screen I just kept thinking “OMG he’s beautiful.” And to be fair, the lead actress in the movie is stunning, as well — her eyes are so big and green that I don’t even understand how they’re real. So, like, props to Lifetime for a great casting job. Before watching The Spirit of Christmas I was raving about the Netflix original movie A Christmas Prince — it’s cute, I recommend it. In hindsight however, the Prince is just not cutting it. They really should have given the hot ghost the role of the prince in that movie. Because really, he deserves ALL THE ROLES.

hot ghost in the spirit of christmas

Just look at that face.

the spirit of christmas ghost

By the way, the hot ghost does have a name, I know because I googled the crap out of him after the movie — it’s Thomas Beaudoin. He’s Canadian and fluent in both English and French, which is very apparent when you check out his Instagram. He has 61K followers on IG, which I would like to believe is all from people like me who looked him up after watching The Spirit of Christmas, but he’s been in some other stuff too — like the movie Other Plans with Jamie Kennedy and Love’s Last Resort with Alan Thicke (LOL).

He’s 36 years old and has two dogs, Maggie and Billie. Here he is trying to teach Billie how to whistle (try not to literally melt from the cuteness).

thomas beaudoin dog

I have no idea if he’s married or in a relationship — if he is, he doesn’t really post pictures of them at all. All I know is that he loves his dogs and is perfect.

thomas beaudoin instagram

I just don’t understand how this guy’s not in more movies? And like, there needs to be a Spirit of Christmas 2. I want to know what happens to Kate and Daniel. Because logistically, he can’t just continue living like a normal human now that he’s been set free right? The ending kind of made it seem like they’re going to date. So is he now eternal? Will he age? I need answers. And I need more of this hot ghost in my life.