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Over the past two decades, aesthetic treatments have become more and more popular each year but confusion still remains amongst patients. Which procedures work best? Which modalities are popular? Which devices are the most sought-after? With so many options to choose from, patients are often left befuddled.

Well, I’m here to clear up all the confusion! Here is the top 10 most requested aesthetic treatments of 2021.

1. Cheek Enhancement:

“Facial rejuvenation truly begins with cheek filler in my opinion!” exclaims aesthetic nurse practitioner Morgan Wolf. “As we age, we experience bone resorption, ligamentous laxity and a loss of muscle and fat in our face! This results in sagging skin, wrinkles, jowls and flattening of our once full and contoured cheeks. Cheek enhancement with filler can take years off a person’s appearance and the results last up to two years! Strategically placed Juvederm Volluma filler in the cheeks not only enhances a person’s cheekbones but creates a lifting effect around the mouth and jawline, too. Cheek filler was one of the most requested aesthetic treatments of 2021 and those looking for a youthful, contoured look in 2022 will make it wildly popular this coming year too.”

2. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL):

“During the pandemic, many of us spent more time in nature, soaking up the sun and getting as much natural Vitamin D as possible … and a lot of us forgot our sunblock too!” notes aesthetic nurse practitioner Emily Perbellini. “IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, was one of the most popular treatments in 2021 as it helped reverse a lot of the sun damage we acquired during our increased time spent outdoors. IPL targets two things very well: sun damage and redness. If done consistently, it can help increase collagen production too! Beat the rush and start IPL today so you’ll have a uniform, glowing complexion in 2022.”

3. Professional Grade Skincare Products:

“Professional Grade Skincare products were the unsung heroes of 2021 because they were readily available, easily accessible and reasonably priced,” remarks aesthetic registered nurse Ashley Cox.Combining products like My Hero Retinol Repair Night Serum and Wake Me Up Vitamin C Firming Day Serum from LaserAway Beauty, one of the fastest growing skincare companies in the nation, helped patients of all skin types achieve and maintain that flawless, no-filter-needed, selfie skin this year. Want smooth, soft, supple skin in 2022? Embrace professional grade skincare products today!”

4. Lip Augmentation:

“With virtual meetings still trending in 2021 (i.e. people staring at themselves all day long!), lip fillers have been requested more than ever!” says aesthetic nurse practitioner Blossom Hashemi. “This year lip augmentation was all about crafting subtle, natural, beautiful shapes. And what better era to do lip fillers than 2021 when masks are a part of our daily lives, so any immediate bruising can easily be hidden in public? This treatment was the perfect solution to hydrate and restore volume and create a luscious perfect pout, on or off the screen, and will most assuredly be a big hit on New Year’s eve and all year long in 2022 too!”

5. Fire & Ice Laser Facial:

“Laser facials tone, tighten and help with overall improvements in skin fitness. By far, the most requested laser facial of 2021 has definitely been the ‘Fire & Ice laser Facial,'” notes aesthetic nurse practitioner Nicole Meath. “The ‘fire’ stimulates the production of collagen and decreases pore congestion while removing environmental pollutants. After ‘fire’ we introduce ‘ice’. This is forced air paired with a cooled Jetsetter Mask that is generously infused with powerful antioxidants to hydrate and soothe your skin! Patients frequently note smaller pore size and tightening after their first treatment and since this proprietary facial is safe for every skin type and has zero down time, Fire & Ice was an absolute must-have to maintain, and gain, glowing, radiant skin in 2021!”

6. Laser Hair Removal:

“One of the most requested treatments of 2021 was definitely laser hair removal with The Elite from Cynosure! Unlike shaving or waxing patients love the permanent hair reduction experience and no device offers better results,” remarks aesthetic nurse Jennifer Morse. “Say goodbye to razor burn and prickly stubble! After a series of just a few treatments, you should expect minimal to no hair growth. How amazing is that? Who doesn’t want sexy, smooth, hairless skin? Get started with Elite laser hair removal today so you’ll be smooth and hair-free just in time for summer of 2022!”

7. Clear + Brilliant Touch:

“A brighter, more youthful complexion was one of the biggest patient requests in 2021 as they were slowly leaving virtual meetings and converting back into in-person events,” mentions aesthetic nurse practitioner Jennifer Lopez. “The brand new, gold standard facial rejuvenation of 2021 is the Clear +  Brilliant Touch! It’s a gentle laser that will have your skin reaching all your goals! By punching controlled, microvascular channels, this treatment addresses fine lines, uneven skin texture, and improves overall skin fitness. Get your Clear +  Brilliant Touch facial on a monthly basis to guarantee a glow all year round in 2022!”

8. Chelsea Nathie – Baby Thermage:

“In 2021, patients recognized that the best way for them to lock in their age and improve skin firmness was via a brand new radiofrequency skin treatment called Baby Thermage FLX. It was absolutely one of the most requested treatments of the year,” states Aesthetic registered nurse Chelsea Nathie. “Older RF treatments used to take several hours, but with the newest technology, Baby Thermage FLX, you can tighten skin on your face, neck, or hands during your lunch break! A smash hit in 2021, it will surely be immensely popular in 2022 for anyone looking to tighten their face or neck!”

9. Botox Cosmetic:

“Through repeated movements over time, our faces develop fine lines and wrinkles, making us appear older than we feel. But a simple neuromodulator injection can fix that which is why Botox Cosmetic was a widely popular treatment and one of the most requested procedures of 2021!” explains aesthetic registered nurse Ranika Maharaj. “This amazing, preventative injection is safe, quick, tolerable and lasts for up to three to four months. What better way to start 2022 than wrinkle-free with Botox Cosmetic?!”

10. CoolSculpting:

“Do you have a stubborn pocket of fat that you’re looking to get rid of? Newsflash: We all do. And a lot of people treated their unwanted fat in 2021 with CoolSculpting!” aesthetic registered nurse Michelle Thompson exclaims. “Using the method of cryolipolysis, the unbelievably popular Coolsculpting treatment is able to destroy adipose tissue in a targeted area via cold temperatures. This non-invasive treatment  allows you to reduce your problem lumps in just a few months and we use the cold to shape and mold. So, start right now to love the more sculpted you in 2022! I’m a poet and I didn’t even know it. (There I go again!)”