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Do you suffer from a lifeless, dull, or sallow complexion? Is your youthful glow a thing of the past? I reached out to the nation’s leading aesthetic experts to find out the five telltale signs that your skin isn’t aging well!


“Over years of facial expressions, smooth skin eventually develops in lines around the forehead, between the brows and around the eyes. When these lines are ‘etched in’ and unsightly then it’s an indication that your skin isn’t aging well. I encourage patients in their late 20s to consider small doses of prophylactic Botox Cosmetic injections to prevent those lines from becoming static,” explains facial cosmetic surgeon Alexander Rivkin. “You’ll still look natural with full motion, but it keeps your face aging well for years to come!”


“Your face, neck and upper central chest are chronically exposed to sunlight on a daily basis. This skin, after about twenty years or so, begins to show the cumulative effects of ultraviolet and infrared radiation,” says dermatologist Dr. Phil Werschler. “Dermatologists call this variation in skin color ‘actinic bronzing’ and you may call it a ‘farmers tan’ that doesn’t fade. A permanent tan line is, in fact, sun damage and a sign that your skin isn’t aging well.”

Texture Changes: 

“A sign that your skin isn’t aging well is a change in texture. See, the smooth, flawless skin tone of your youth may slowly be replaced by fine wrinkles (often referred to as ‘crinkles’) or other unsightly textural changes,” notes aesthetic nurse Corey Ordoyne. “Energy-based devices like Clear + Brilliant can be used to improve textural changes and restore some of your youthful glow!”

Volume Loss:

“As we age, we may lose volume under our facial skin because of bone resorption, ligamentous laxity, collagen depletion and fat pad changes. This leads to increased loose, slack, sagging skin,” teaches plastic surgeon Gaurav Bharati.  “The great news is that sagging skin due to age-related volume loss can be corrected with fillers like Juvederm!”

Crepey Skin:

“Skin that is rough, dry, itchy, fragile, thin, more easily bruised and outright crepey may be signs that cutaneous aging isn’t going well. Well, what to do?” dermatologist Dr. Deanne Mraz Robinson asks. “The first step is to use sun protective measures like a big hat, sunglasses and sunscreen. Next, schedule a visit with a dermatologist for a ‘skin check’ and to discuss your skin health and what steps you can take to slow down the skin’s aging process!”