Tina Turner will forever be known as the Queen of Rock ’n’ Roll. With hits like “What’s Love Got to Do With it” and “The Best,” the late singer-songwriter’s passing broke fans’ hearts around the world. This is why the Tennessee native’s life is being celebrated in the new magazine issue, Tina Turner: Her Life in Pictures, commemorating her life.

In addition to bringing her life in pictures to the pages, this issue rehashes Tina’s rise to fame, her past abusive relationship with ex-husband Ike Turner and how she paved the way for the future in the music industry.

Throughout the 1970s, Tina’s career took off on a high note as she played alongside her then-husband. However, the problem was behind closed doors. As Ike’s drug addiction and abuse toward Tina worsened, fans didn’t see the full truth until she eventually left him with “nothing more than 36 cents and a Mobil gas credit card” in 1976.

Long after their split, Ike went so far as to say that he “invented” the Grammy Award winner, and that there “was no Tina before me.” However, she clearly proved him wrong once her success heightened.

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Throughout the ‘80s, Tina reestablished her name once the duet days with her ex came to an end. After opening for The Rolling Stones in 1981, the Rock ’N’ Roll Hall of Fame member gradually built her reputation as a solo artist. Her subsequent album Private Dancer sold over 10 million copies and led her to win three Grammys. Not only that, but she even landed her spot in the lineup for 1985’s worldwide concert, Live Aid, in which she sang a duet with the Stones. The onstage appearance catapulted her radio hits to new ratings.

“I had a dream to be the first Black rock ’n’ roll singer to pack places like the Stones,” she revealed in her 2021 documentary, Tina.

Though she retired from performing in 2009, her legacy lived on in the entertainment industry as one of the most influential and soulful artists. The 1993 film What’s Love Got to Do With It featured actress Angela Bassett starring as Tina; Tina: The Tina Turner Musical on Broadway opened in 2019. It was clear that the “Better Be Good to Me” songstress made an impact on showbiz.

Aside from autobiographical portrayals, other music artists proudly showed how much of an inspiration Tina was to them. Beyoncé, another musical queen herself, performed onstage with the I, Tina: My Life Story author at Los Angeles’ Staples Center in 2008, where they belted out the hit “Proud Mary” together. The recording artists’ coordinating silver outfits graced the pages of the new magazine tribute for the late, great musician, in addition to the other captivating snapshots from her life.

Whether she was on stage or flashing her award-winning smile at a red carpet event, Tina’s tenacity was infectious and left an eternal handprint on Hollywood’s music business.