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The year is flying by and the holidays will be here before we know it! Right now is absolutely the time to start working on your skin fitness routine so that you’ll look your best this winter. Here are the most-requested aesthetic treatments that people are clamoring for so they’ll rock those office parties and family get-togethers!

Facial Tightening:

“Looking for a non-invasive, little to no downtime skin tightening treatment right before the holidays? Baby Thermage FLX is the perfect treatment for anyone looking to maintain or improve tightness in their skin in just 30 minutes!” proclaims aesthetic nurse Danica Dizon. “Thermage uses radiofrequency which helps tighten the collagen you already have as well as boost collagen production. Who wouldn’t want to pause the clock on aging right before the new year?!?!”

Cheek Enhancement:

“One of my personal favorite treatments for the winter is cheek filler!” enjoys aesthetic nurse practitioner Kandice McNeal. “It has done wonders for my own appearance and self-confidence. See, as we age, we start to lose volume in our upper face. Cheek filler has restored that volume, and has given me a refreshed look, just in time for the holidays. You’ll love cozying up by the fireplace, or standing under the mistletoe with a well-rested, youthful appearance!”

Body Contouring:

“Winter is coming and it’s the prime time to freeze those pockets of unwanted fat and get a head start on your New Year’s resolution,” states Chandler Ortiz. “CoolSculpting, also known as cryolipolysis, is the destruction of adipose cells. With this FDA-approved, non-invasive treatment, with minimal downtime can reduce adipose tissue by 25 percent! Whether you’re preparing for an event or just wanting to feel your best, CoolSculpting contours all the right areas- turning your dream body into a reality!”

Lip Augmentation:

“What better way to prepare for the holiday season than a nice juicy set of luscious lips?” asks aesthetic nurse Alexa Velasco. “Lip augmentation at LaserAway uses tiny injections of hyaluronic acid-based filler to add extra emphasis to your lip shape, volume and overall definition. Our goal is to give your lips a natural and hydrated look to set you up for every photo op this winter!”

Skin Revitalization:

Clear and Brilliant Touch offers the best of both worlds, improving texture and pigment incorporated into a single “complete” treatment,” says aesthetic nurse Michelle Thompson. “Using fractional photothermolysis, this treatment can help diminish that unwanted sun damage you inevitably got during summer and will smooth your skin through collagen remodeling, making it the perfect winter treatment for everyone!”

Professional Grade Skincare Products:

“Cold weather makes skin care the most important part of your daily routine! Keeping your skin nourished with vitamin C and an enriched moisturizer will help keep you glowing through the harsh and skin-drying winter months,” comments aesthetic nurse practitioner Sarah Highins. “Every day I use LaserAway Beauty Wake Me Up vitamin C serum and Drenched peptide enriched moisturizer to ensure my skin stays hydrated and smooth. For an extra boost of moisture, I love doing a weekly mask. LaserAway Beauty’s Jetsetter mask is so hydrating I can literally feel my skin come back to life after using it!”

Laser Tattoo Removal:

“Winter is the perfect season to start laser tattoo removal because it is so much easier to hide your rapidly fading tattoo from others, as well as keep it out of the sun,” finds aesthetic nurse practitioner Emily Perbellini. “Tattoo removal works by selective photothermolysis so the less melanin you have in your skin from sun exposure, the less likely you will have any skin discoloration associated with tattoo removal. By summer 2022, your tattoo will likely be faded enough to cover easily with makeup as you continue the removal process!”

Laser Facials:

“If you are seeking for an amazing treatment to help you look your best this winter season but don’t have room in your schedule for any downtime, then a Fire & Ice Laser Facial is right for you!,” remarks aesthetic nurse Linda Nguyn. “It’s an energy-based device treatment that starts off feeling warm and then switches to a refreshing cold sensation.  It’s safe for all skin types, helps improve tone and turgor, prevents pore congestion, and keeps you glowing all season!”

Laser Hair Removal:

“There is no better time to start laser hair removal than right now!” exclaims aesthetic nurse practitioner Nicole Meath. “As we all start to travel to see friends and family for the holidays you will eventually forget to bring your razor on trips away from home because you’ll be so smooth from laser hair removal. Waxing and searching for hairs while mining with a tweezer can lead to hyperpigmentation, irritation, and ingrown hairs. And no one likes to shave! As your treatments continue your skin will be baby soft. Eventually the nightmares of razor burn, ingrown hairs, and stubble will be a distant memory!”

Injectable Wrinkle Fighters:

“Wrinkles form as a result of frequent facial movements and are a natural component of the aging process. See, your skin loses elasticity fibers as you age, and collagen production decreases,” teaches aesthetic nurse Annette Ramos-Villacarte. “Dry skin can also make fine lines more noticeable, making Botox Cosmetic a popular treatment during the winter. These injections into the forehead, crow’s feet and glabellar lines relaxes the muscles, allowing the overlying skin to remain smooth and wrinkle-free. The location, size and use of muscles vary significantly between individuals, so the treatment site and dose are personalized to address your concerns. With that being said, We’re nearing the holidays, and we all know how stressful they can be! So, don’t let your worries age you this winter. Instead, invest in yourself. After all, who needs beauty sleep when you have Botox Cosmetic?!”