The moment we’ve all been waiting for took place on last night’s “True Tori” season premiere: Tori Spelling came face-to-face with Dean McDermott‘s supposed mistress — well, almost.

The “Beverly Hills, 90210” star only saw a picture of Emily Goodhand, the woman believed to have had an affair with Dean (how bummed were you that the show blurred her image?!), but it was still, understandably, upsetting for the reality star.

“Oh god, I’m devastated,” Tori said while looking at the photo, which originally ran in Us Weekly, but never got published online. “Am I a bitch if I say I think she’s unattractive?” the 41-year-old then added.

tori spelling

Turns out, the fact that Emily was just average-looking only ticked off the mother-of-four more! “I was completely blown away by what Emily looked like. I found her unattractive,” Tori told her therapist on the show.

“Before this, I would never have felt threatened by that girl. I’d be like, ‘My husband would never,’ but now all bets are off,” she explained. “It could be anyone.”

Yowza. To make the whole situation even weirder, many are questioning whether Emily actually exists, given she has no online presence whatsoever.

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But as the actress expressed in the “True Tori” reunion special last June, “I wish she didn’t exist. I wish it hadn’t happened. I don’t know who would fake something to have this to happen to your life. My family was, and still is, in complete devastation over this. I wouldn’t wish this on anything.”