If you follow YouTube sensation Trisha Paytas — and chances are you do; she currently boasts more than 3 million subscribers on the video sharing platform — you know that girlfriend is all about body positivity. Despite years of negative comments from online trolls targeting her weight, the 29-year-old Internet celebrity embraces her God-given curves. “I may be fat in your eyes, but in my eyes, I see perfection,” Trisha has declared. “I see a flawless, beautiful figure.”

The blonde bombshell — who recently appeared on Season 20 of the UK’s popular reality series Celebrity Big Brother — has flaunted her fantastic physique in countless videos over the course of her 10-year career. In many of those clips, Trisha has opened up about her past struggles with body image, her complicated relationship with food, and how it used to affect her self-esteem. While her former insecurities still haunt her from time to time, the Curvy and Loving It author has made a conscious effort to remind herself — and her followers — that beauty comes in all shapes in sizes.

“You can love yourself and be insecure. There is a huge difference. And I’m confident. You can be confident and insecure. My biggest insecurity is my weight. Sometimes I think I’d probably be more accepted if I was, like, thinner,” Trisha, who frequently poses in skin-baring lingerie on Instagram, has said. “But that doesn’t mean I’m not confident. I look good. Obviously, I think I look great.”

In 2015, the aspiring pop star released her single “Fat Chicks,” in which she defiantly reclaimed the “fat” label that plagued her psyche for so many years. "I'm like, that's the main take from my videos?
So I figured why not do a video taking the negative connotation in 'fat' away,” she has said of the inspiration behind her body empowerment anthem and its accompanying visual. “If I call myself fat, they can't use that against me.”

At the time, she also created a brand new acronym for “FAT” — “fabulous and “tasty.” Not long after “Fat Chicks” dropped, Trisha told Business Insider that she wanted to dedicate more of her time creating content that might help her young female fans “find confidence in who they are” since that’s "something [she's] struggled with for most of [her] life.”

And she’s remained true to her word. This October, Trisha shed light on the long-term damage of fat-shaming — and urged bullies to stop hating on others because of their bodies and/or eating habits. “So many people love to call me fat and gross and tell me on a daily basis that I need gastric bypass surgery and, like, all this really intense stuff,” she explained in a particularly emotional video. “Every time I sit down to eat, whether it’s something healthy or not…with each bite you take, you’re constantly thinking, ‘I should not be eating this.’”

“Every time you fat-shame someone, you are giving them a complex, whether they’re overweight or not. To comment on someone’s eating habits or their weight, every time they take a bite, they’re gonna feel bad about themselves,” she added. “Be kind to people. You don’t know their struggle. You don’t know what they’re facing.”

Earlier this year, Trisha underwent liposuction after years of feeling pressure to slim down. Though she was initially happy with her results, the America’s Got Talent alum admitted that she regained a bit of weight. But, regardless of the setback, Trisha has learned to love the fine AF woman she sees every time she looks in the mirror.

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"It's OK to want to change and better yourself, health-wise or aesthetically, but change takes time, you have to love yourself in the now,” she has said. “Whatever you look like, you're hot, you're worthy, and you're perfect as you are.”

Amen, Trish. ???