What a creep! Just days before Khloé Kardashian gave birth to her and Tristan Thompson‘s baby girl, True Thompson, videos of the reality star’s boyfriend making out with other women and fondling their breasts surfaced. And now, it’s been reported this his cheating on his then-pregnant girlfriend extended to him messaging other women on Instagram.

“Tristan slides into girls’ DMs,” a source told Us Weekly. “He messages girls that way, on Instagram, and then meets up with them. He likes exotic or non-American-looking girls with big butts.” Just last week it was reported that Tristan was actually disloyal to Khloé with three Instagram models.

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Amid all Khloé’s humiliation, a source recently told Life & Style that Khloe wants to raise baby True alone since she felt “completely humiliated and couldn’t stop crying” once news of Tristan’s infidelities came out. “She’s in disbelief. It feels like a bad dream. She’s trying to be strong for the baby, but it’s not easy,” the insider explained. “She thought she was in a loving relationship and that this was forever.”

Unfortunately, Khloé was wrong. In fact, she strategically named her baby to get back at her cheating man. “In the back of her mind, she knows the name will tug at Tristan’s soul every time he sees his daughter and hopes that will help him to be a true person,” an insider revealed to Life & Style. “Clearly, he’s failed and Khloé’s still so incredibly hurt. All Khloé ever wanted in life was a man that would be true, truthful, and trustworthy.”

But even though Tristan doesn’t like the name, he knows he’s in no place to argue with her. “Tristan’s not too fond of the name True, but he’s cool,” the insider dished to In Touch. “He’s not about to [fight] with Khloé over what to name their daughter. He’s just really happy that Khloé and the baby are happy, healthy, and all smiles.” So are we!