Let us paint a picture: one week ago, Khloé Kardashian found out that her baby daddy Tristan Thompson was cheating on her with multiple women. One day later, she gave birth to their first child together, True Thompson. On April 18, her assistant Alexa Okyle was posting on Instagram at a Cleveland Cavaliers game, and while Tristan was benched, he was still there. We know what that looks like… is she taking his side in this whole scenario? A source close to the family gave Life & Style the exclusive details, and she’s still totally loyal to KoKo.

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“She got free tickets and that was pretty much it,” said the insider. “She didn’t go behind Khloé’s back, she didn’t betray Khloé.” As a matter of fact, Alexa made sure her boss (and friend) was okay with it before she accepted the free seats. “In this business, you always get permission. Alexa isn’t going to do something without Khloé’s permission, especially because everything right now is a sensitive subject, well not everything, but a lot of things. So, nothing happens without approval. If it was a problem, she wouldn’t have gone.”

Khloé is super close with Alexa, and she’s relying on her more now than ever, since she’s in Cleveland away from home with a new baby. “Alexa is Khloé’s assistant so she’s going to be in Cleveland for awhile, I don’t know when she’ll be back in LA,” said the source. Alexa seems to care deeply for Khloé. For example, she congratulated her on her pregnancy, went to her baby shower, went to her birthday party, and sent her a sweet message via Instagram when her dog Gabbana passed away. Khloé even revealed that she sent Alexa to the pharmacy to pick up a pregnancy test when she thought she might be expecting. That’s some serious trust! So don’t worry guys, Khloé’s in good hands.