It's no secret that Tristan Thompson hasn't exactly been faithful during his relationship with Khloé Kardashian — who just gave birth to their first child together, a healthy baby girl. But now fans are wondering if despite his infidelity, the 27-year-old Cavaliers player tried to take his relationship with the reality star to the next level. Did he get a huge tattoo of his baby mama's name across his back?!

Spoiler alert: It's not real. The fake photo made its way around the internet in 2016 and for a while there, it had fans going wild. In retrospect, we should've known that the tat photo was a fraud — after all, Tristan was too busy flirting and making out with multiple women to ink his committment.

khloe tattoo tristan thompson

(Photo Credit: Twitter)

While KhloMoney is no stranger to getting a man's initials inked on her skin — she had Lamar Odom's initials tattooed on her hand until about 2015 when it mysteriously seemed to fade — hardcore sports fans know better than to fall for the "Khloé" tattoo fake. The above photo actually belongs to LSU football star Andraez "Greedy" Williams and it's not for a Kardashian. It's a tribute to his daughter.

In fact, Tristan already has body art all over his back, so there's not even room between his shoulder blades for a "Khloé" tat. The art reads "Who God has blessed no man can curse" and features an image of what appears to be an angel. Tristan got the ink back in 2013 and the tattoo artist posted several pictures of the process.

Well, we can't say we're shocked that the tattoo was a hoax. After a fifth mistress was allegedly identified in Tristan's cheating scandal, nothing surprises us anymore. It's pretty clear Tristan was never really committed to the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star. Who knows? Maybe he'll have to get her name tatted on his back just to get her to forgive him!