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See What the ‘Twilight’ Characters Would Post If They Had Instagram

How amazing would it be if the main characters of Twilight actually had Instagram accounts?

Of course, it’s pretty tough to imagine every single one of them signing up for the app, considering that they’re vampires and all. But what if they had the freedom to post whatever they wanted on social media without having to worry about the humans or, even worse, the dreaded Volturi?

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Without a doubt, Alice would have the most fun with Instagram. Considering her optimism and her love of fashion, we can already envision her sharing stylish selfies, makeovers, and shopping hauls on a regular basis. And as for the lovebirds Bella and Edward? Well, we get the feeling they wouldn’t hold back when it comes to their love for each other — and of course, Jacob wouldn’t be a huge fan of that.

Considering how these characters have such different personalities, it would be fascinating to see what they share and, even better, how they interact with each other on social media. Though it sucks that we’ll probably never get to see this happen, the good news is we created a few statuses that they’d definitely post!

Check out our gallery to see what your favorite Twilight characters would post if they had Instagram.