Kylie Jenner and her 25-year-old beau Tyga may be fighting more than usual these days, but a new report claims the rapper won't be leaving the 18-year-old — no matter how bad things get!

“Tyga knows that if his relationship with Kylie fully goes sour he will never breakup with her because of the access, credibility and celebrity he gets from the relationship,” an insider tells Hollywood Life.

kylie jenner

“All that equals dollar signs which trumps everything at the end of the day in Tyga’s eyes," the source adds. "Kylie would have to do the breaking up if that ever happens because for Tyga it will be very hard to get a meal ticket like Kylie in the future.”

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As previously reported, the "Stimulated" singer is allegedly going broke trying to keep the reality star happy, which includes dropping $320k on a Ferrari for Kylie's birthday in August.

kylie jenner

But the brunette beauty wasn't thrilled to discover that her man has reportedly been venting to his ex (and baby mama) Blac Chyna about their relationship.

“She didn’t appreciate that, and felt it was crazy disrespectful. It’s incidents like this that make Kylie feel Tyga’s too young for her," a second source tells Hollywood Life.

"On what planet is it cool for your man to b–ch to his ex about his current relationship?! Kylie found that to be completely immature. She thought Tyga was grown and could handle s–t like this like a man.”

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