Scary stuff. Rideshare company Uber responded to YouTuber James Charles after he alleged that a driver “threatened” him and one of his employees during a ride in Florida on February 27. Thankfully, the company was promptly on the case.

“@Uber @Uber_Support Hi! One of your drivers in Orlando just called my employee [and] I dumbasses, bitches [and] threatened to hit us,” the beauty guru, 20, wrote to the company on Twitter. “Please contact me as soon as possible.”

Uber support followed up promptly. “We take this very seriously,” their account replied to James’ tweet. “Please send us a DM with your email address and phone number so we can connect ASAP.” James then responded, “Just sent. Thank you.”

Finally, the support account took the incident to the DMs. “We appreciate you following up with us. We’ve been in touch via DM,” they replied to James once more. “If you have any questions, please let us know by replying to that message.”


Though the MUA has yet to address the situation on social media or in a video on his YouTube channel, we hope to hear more about what went down soon. But James is no stranger to drama — in fact, he recently clapped back at fans who have been making straight-baiting jokes about him based on his feud with fellow vlogger and former friend Tati Westbrook back in May 2019.

“I understand that James Charles straight boy punchlines are an easy way to get likes, but I’ve had enough of the edited DMs and fake dating app conversations,” the Morphe Cosmetics partner said. “Some of y’all are far too ugly to ever get my attention and lying for clout is even uglier. Cut it out.”

Though some fans thought his comment was “mean,” he had other thoughts. “Nah, it’s not,” the Covergirl spokesman said. “What’s mean is people making a joke out of something that I’ve already proved my innocence on that ruined my life and mental health for months on end.”

Needless to say, James has his drama on lock — even in a rideshare.