We are devastated. And you will be, too, once you find out what's going on with Ryan Gosling's hair.

Hair that was once so beautiful, free-flowing and carefree … now is jet black and curly, completely changing the entire look of our sweet, sweet Ryan.

Take a look:

Now don't get us wrong, the 34-year-old is still a ridiculously gorgeous creature who we would pay GOOD MONEY to be in the same vicinity as, but we have to admit … we miss the old Ryan. It's just not the same.

But if jet black, curly hair is what makes Ryan happy, then we'll be happy for him. If he's a curly-haired bird, we can be curly-haired birds, too.

Besides, he's been busy filming the upcoming movie, 'The Big Short,' so there's a good chance his change in appearance was just for the character, in which case, his golden blonde locks will be back in no time.