This gal’s got some dating advice! Vanderpump Rules star Billie Lee caught up with Life & Style exclusively in the studio to give us all her tips and tricks to navigating the stickiest situations of the dating world. Luckily for us, the 35-year-old was pretty knowledgable about every dating faux pas in the game.

“Play hard to get,” she revealed one of her tactics while promoting her new Beauty Has No Gender campaign with Regenix. “I feel like every guy is all about the hunt so I think you need to drop little things here and there and have him go hunting. Play with him.”

Answering a question posed about a friend having slept with your new BF before you dated, the trans activist was adamant that you shouldn’t let that ruin things. “No. Like, in the restaurant business, we all sleep with each other,” she explained. “Even in Hollywood, it’s a small town. Just make sure no one has STDs, OK?”

And believe it or not, Billie isn’t all about getting dudes to buy her a cocktail when she’s out and about. “Well, I prefer guys to not buy me drinks, actually,” she dished. “Because then, I feel obligated to talk to them.” Preach, girl — you never wanna get into a convo with some guy who seems a bit creepy just because he bought you a beverage.


Then, of course, there was the age-old question: What happens when your BF is chatting with his ex when you take a quick peek at his phone?

“That’s why I don’t go through people’s phones. I’m like, if I don’t know about it, I’m cool. I’m cool with being delusional,” the reality star joked. “Maybe drop some hints so that way you can get it out of him without talking about you knowing.”

Then, she even came up with a ~cute~ little fib for you to use, should you so desire. “Ooh! You could make up a story and be like, I just recently talked to my ex,” she envisioned. “It’s kind of cool, how do you feel about it? Do you talk to your ex? Manipulating the situation, yes!”

Seems like our girl Billie is a good one to take advice from. Thanks, babe!

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