Considering Vanderpump Rules star James Kennedy allegedly has vast history of cheating, you’d think that his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, would be able to see the writing on the wall. At least, that’s what co-star LaLa Kent can’t quite figure out. When LaLa spoke with Us Weekly recently, she got real about James and Raquel’s relationship, through the eyes of an ex-friend. Spoiler alert: She doesn’t exactly feel bad about what the couple is going through.

“I don’t know that I feel badly for her anymore because … it’s like seeing the murder scene and still needing more evidence,” LaLa told Us Weekly about Raquel not being able (or willing) to see the signs. “It’s like, ‘OK, girl, I can’t even deal.’ Like, you’re killing my brain cells at this point, and I don’t have a lot of those to lose!” We love that LaLa is willing to poke fun at herself, but she’s also not exactly wrong here.

Pump Rules co-star Kristen Doute‘s friend Hope accused James of cheating on Raquel during the December 10 episode of the show. Not only did Hope allege that she slept with the DJ during their Coachella trip in April, she also claimed that she has been hooking up with James on and off over the last three years. Naturally, James denied the whole thing. But, what else is new, huh?

From LaLa’s point of view, the couple is actually a “match made in heaven,” for one simple reason. “He is drawn to that because he can get away with everything,” LaLa explained. “That” being the fact that Raquel is a bit spacey… or just really doesn’t care to believe what’s been said about her BF. Honestly, it could go either way with her, based on what she told the Pump Rules girls recently about how James “treats her like a queen.”

No matter what happens with LaLa and James — “That’s like a dead horse, I wanna let the horse rest in peace,” LaLa said — I hope LaLa can at least make the lightbulb turn on in Raquel’s head.