The ladies of Vanderpump Rules have always been vocal about co-star James Kennedy and his drunken antics, but this season, it seems like his behavior is really coming to a head. Several of the show’s stars have spoken negatively about James’ behavior in past seasons, but for a while, things seemed to simmer down as James stopped drinking. However, in recent time he’s been back on the bottle, and one of his co-stars Stassi Schroeder got real on a sneak peek clip about her feelings towards his out-of-control habit.

In the preview clip for the Dec. 16 episode, VPR cast members Stassi, Katie Maloney-Schwartz, Kristen Doute, Ariana Madix, and Brittany Cartwright all got together to discuss the James situation with his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss. In her confessional, Stassi was candid about understanding Raquel’s point of view. “I really relate to Raquel,” Stassi said in the clip, “because with my last relationship he talked down to me, I felt like he put me down all the time and I felt like I was just so blinded by this idea of what I thought love was and wanting to make the relationship work, that I couldn’t see it for what it really was.”

While Raquel agreed that the drunk James is not a James that she’s OK with — she doesn’t want him to drink “ever” — she also had a slightly different point of view on the whole subject. “I feel like you guys don’t see the James that I see,” Raquel responded to the other girls. “You guys only see the James that’s out, that’s partying, that’s DJing, that’s getting drunk, that’s making insults. And, like, that’s not a good side of him. I’m not proud of that James at all, but the James that I see treats me like a queen.”

Katie, who is always one to speak her mind, was blown away by Raquel’s words when she made it to the confessional. “I feel like I’m living in some twilight zone where monsters are able to do and say whatever the hell they want,” she said. “This has to f–king end.” Amen, girl. James’ behavior really is getting a little hard to stomach.

In recent episodes, James has been throwing some serious digs at Brittany and Katie, all while he’s been about 20 sheets to the wind. It makes complete sense that the girls would be fed up with his BS. Let’s just hope the drama can be settled quietly — psych! If we know this cast, nothing’s going down without a fight.