Back in April, Nikki Bella and John Cena broke our hearts when they announced they were breaking up and calling off their May 5 wedding. In a new clip for Sunday’s Total Bellas episode, the exes reunite for the first time since their split, and the clip is so cringeworthy. Nikki and John run into each other at a taping of WWE Raw's 25th anniversary in NYC, and it’s clear things still aren’t how they used to be. Watch a sneak peek of the awkward moment in the video above!

The couple was actually spotted for the first time IRL since their split two weeks ago, according to TMZ. John reportedly traveled to San Diego to try and win Nikki back, which isn’t too surprising since he professed his love for her earlier that week.

“I had my heart broken out of nowhere,” John said in an interview with The Today Show. “I love her, I want to be with her, I want to make her my wife, I want to be the father of her children, I just want us to work.” So then why did John and Nikki call it quits in the first place?

Well, it’s funny that John mentions children, considering talk of growing a family seemed to be the root of their issues. The 41-year-old made it clear to Nikki that he didn’t want to have kids when they first started dating. “I know I cannot handle raising a child,” he told Rolling Stone in 2016. “And just because everyone else is happy with children doesn’t mean that’s how I have to live.”

nikki bella and john cena

But after Nikki watched her sister, Brie Bella, become a mom, she realized she couldn’t make that sacrifice for her man. “I think, just because we’re getting married and everything is so permanent, but it’s giving me a bit of anxiety knowing it’s like, ‘OK, the day [the wedding] comes, that’s it, the mom thing is done,'” Nikki told John. “And I would never force you to be a dad — I don’t want that ever.”

So, is marriage completely out of the question? Not quite, according to Nikki. The star exclusively told Life & Style that she still has her wedding dress, and expects to wear it one day. “I kept it because, honestly, I think that John and I will probably end up together,” she said. “He is my best friend and I love him.”