From award shows to concerts, there were plenty of weird musical performances in 2017. But every now and then, things transcended weird and landed straight in “no f–ks given” territory. Singers and bands didn’t just introduce bizarre props or backdrops. Instead, they took things to a whole new level of can’t be bothered and kind of just… gave up. Below, find the top three times celebrities literally just stopped giving a f–k in 2017 — and one time a celebrity gave maybe too many f–ks.

Mariah Carey literally stopped trying.

Singing? Dancing? Both were apparently too much to ask for at Mariah Carey concerts this year. After that big New Year’s Eve flub, she just started 2017 off on the wrong foot — and apparently decided that the whole year could just be scrapped. Oh, she still kept going, planning plenty of concerts and even working a Las Vegas residency. She just did the absolute bare minimum.

Even after she was called out for seriously lackluster dance moves (aka only barely moving her body — and at one point even standing still as she let her backup dancers move her body for her) in Vegas, she kept up the act — or lack of an act — on her All The Hits tour. This time, she mustered up about two seconds of whistling and then stood there in silence for another portion of one of her songs. Was she bored? Tired? Confused? Either way, girl didn’t even try — leaving many to dub her the queen of not giving AF.

Fifth Harmony launched one “member” off the stage.

It seemed like every Fifth Harmony performance this year was pretty on point. But there were other things they completely stopped caring about in 2017. Like any reminder that they ever had a fifth member in Camila Cabello. While performing during MTV’s VMAs in August, the now-foursome took to the stage. Only, when they set up, there were five figures rocking metallic silver spacesuits. But not for long. About a second into the song, they launched the fifth member, aka the fake Camila in the middle, off the stage. And then they proceeded to leave her in the dust and carry on with the rest of their routine. Ouch.

The group apparently were making a statement that losing Camila wasn’t going to kill their prospects or ability as a band. But they did that by figuratively killing Camila. Yep, we’d say there were just no f–ks to be found when it came to playing nice anymore. These girls were completely done.

Selena Gomez just shrugged it all off.

Welp, this year Selena Gomez officially proved that blondes don’t have more fun. After showing up on the American Music Awards red carpet with a new blonde ‘do, Selena took the stage to show off her single, “Wolves.” But the whole night, her expression kind of just read, “I’m only here because I’m contractually obligated to be. I’d bounce if I could. I don’t even need the money, honestly.” We’d say it screamed, “I’d rather be out home wearing moisturizing socks with my feet up on the couch,” but that would be giving it more emotional credit than it deserved.

selena gomez "wolves" amas

(Photo Credit: Giphy)

Then, during her performance, she kind of just wandered around the stage while her background dancers did most of the choreography. And she finished it up with the iconic, “I really just do not care,” shrug seen ’round the world. The movement had fans confused on Twitter, writing, “Wtf!?! Was that shoulder shrug and fake as smile at the end?” and “That oh well shrug she gave at the end. So awks.”

selena gomez "wolves" shrug

(Photo Credit: Giphy)

For some, Sel’s shrug was just the mood of the whole year. 2017 was officially the age of “Any f–ks we once had to give are now totally gone.” We’re out of stock. Totally deplete. Please come back next year.

But in 2018, we’re going to give all the fucks. Just like Lorde at the VMAs.

Uh, yeah, if there is an opposite of “can’t be bothered,” Lorde was it this year. Even though she was so sick with the flu that she had to get an IV — and completely unable to sing — she refused to let that stop her from performing her single “Homemade Dynamite.” Instead of just cancelling and letting another musical act take her place, she decided to perform an elaborately choreographed, completely bizarre dance.

Actually, she may have cared a little too much. Like, at some point you gotta just take what life gives you — even if it’s a poorly planned and totally inconvenient sick day. But at the same time, this was still pretty #goals. Now that we’ve survived the s–t show that was 2017, we’re stepping up our game in 2018. But we’ll probably still stay home if we’re that sick.