It’s common to reflect on life during the new year — Do you like your job? Is it time for a change? Are you eating the right foods? Luckily, one of those questions is easier to answer than the others with the help of registered dietitian Keri Glassman, founder and CEO of Nutritious Life and The Nutritious Life Studio. Life & Style exclusively spoke with the food guru about her predictions for what wellness trends will be big in 2020 — and they include plant-forward meals, focusing on gut health and CBD.

“I would say for 2020 wellness trends, one thing I am thinking about that we are seeing a lot … [that] I think is going to continue is the plant-based but really plant-forward,” Keri explained while promoting her partnership with Undeniably Dairy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a full-blooded carnivore, the dietitian noted that she thinks many people will start adding more plant products to their regular meals or moving toward a “plant-based and dairy enhanced” food plan. Considering the popularity of products like the Impossible Burger, there are more ways now than ever to go in that direction.

Keri Glassman Registered Dietitian With Undeniably Dairy
Photo Courtesy of Keri Glassman

“If I am having a big salad, let’s say, with spinach and peppers and chickpeas and it’s a plant-based meal, I would say adding a little bit of cheese. [It] can go a long way. You’re getting your protein, your calcium, you’re going to get some more fat in there — which is very satisfying — but it also can make it into your entire meal so much more satisfying and so many more nutrients added to it,” she added. 

Since health begins from the inside out, another wellness trend Keri noted is more focus on fermented foods with probiotic benefits like kimchi, sauerkraut and yogurt for gut health. “We have all of this different bacteria in our gut, good bacteria and bad bacteria … It’s the bacteria in your gut that affects the hormones that are produced. So, when you have fermented foods [with] good bacteria in them, the more good bacteria you’re eating,” Keri said. Simply stated: “Good bacteria leads to an overall healthier gut, everything from digestion to happy hormones.”

The R.D. also thinks that CBD’s popularity will continue to grow in the new year. “I think there is a role for CBD — like really good high-quality CBD. I think that we’re going to see more research come out. Like, real research come out about that and the actual — not just anecdotal — benefit,” she explained. 

Finally, Keri hypothesized that more people will be doing “personalized nutrition,” as opposed to strictly sticking to one type of eating plan like keto or paleo. “I think it’s going to be less ‘I am a pescatarian’ or ‘I am on this diet.’ It’s going to be more about figuring out the lifestyle that works for you. So, I think that is good, having a little more of a personalized way of thinking about food and not having to be so concrete and black and white about it. So, that is a really good thing.”

Bring it on, 2020!