It’s no secret that Blake Shelton loves a good drink or two, which is why the Internet constantly questions what he’s really sipping on while filming The Voice. But before disclosing his own secrets, the outspoken judge jokingly mentioned that Adam Levine “has crack that he keeps in his cup.”

For Blake, “crack” isn’t his cup of tea. The singer told [Entertainment Tonight](, “I have vodka. I drink vodka on the show. I’ve goofed around, I’ve tried different.. .I go back to Titos, Absolut. Absolut’s a good one. Grey Goose, you know, now that I think of it, every damn brand of vodka has been in that cup. And I don’t care if you like it or if anybody likes it, that’s what I drink so get over it.”

blake shelton and adam levine on the voice

But Blake’s affinity for vodka shouldn’t come as a huge surprise. He partnered with Smithworks Vodka in July 2017 when the company was in its infancy. He told The Daily Beast he had been approached by different alcohol brands in the past, but none of them seemed like the perfect match — that is, until Smithworks came along.

He explained, “I really wanted a brand to feel authentic to me…being part of the brand so early gave me a chance to have a lot of say in the packaging and taste, which was important to me. I wanted it to be a vodka that I knew I would drink and that I would want everyone else to drink too. As you know, I like to drink.”

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And although Blake’s drink of choice might be vodka, he made sure to mention that he always adds “a little lemon-lime soda” to his cocktail whether he’s at home or going out. “It’s easy and refreshing, and I personally don’t like too much that will outshine the vodka,” he shared.