It’s obvious Kylie Jenner has an amazing body, and while she works hard to maintain her figure, the 22-year-old actually has a unique tactic on how to not pack on any extra weight. It’s all about not eating before bed.

“I avoid late-night cravings because I lock myself in my bedroom and I turn on my TV, I get really comfortable and I pre-slice an apple by my bed,” she said during a video interview with Harper’s Bazaar uploaded on February 4. “Since I’m really comfortable, I’ll be too lazy to probably to go down to the kitchen, so my only choice is this apple. So that is how I swerve my late night cravings.”

However, from time to time, Kylie indulges and eats your typical foods. “Today at the shoot, I ordered steak burrito and some rice, some enchiladas,” she added. “I was feeling Mexican food vibes today.” When it comes to her weakness, the brunette beauty could always go for some In-N-Out Burger. “It’s just for me,” she said of the fast food chain. “When I was pregnant, I had to eat In-N-Out at least once a week. It was a problem.”

So what does she eat at In-N-Out? “My order is … I’ll either do a double cheeseburger with special sauce and grilled onions. I’ll either get protein style or not, depending on the mood, fries — well-done — and a coke.” In addition to fast food, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star admitted she’s a “big snacker.” BBQ Lays, Goldfish, Chili Cheese Fritos and pomegranate seeds are a few of her favorites. While Kylie has her occasional junk food here and there, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t eat clean. Kylie is all about natural juices like celery juice and bone broth.

Kylie Jenner and Stormi Webster Matching Outfit Moments
Courtesy of Kylie Jenner/Instagram

Just like her mama, Stormi Webster has her fair share of favorite foods, which includes fruits and bagels. It turns out, the 2-year-old even dreams of bagels. “We were sleeping and she woke up out of her sleep and said ‘bagels.’ I was like, ‘Is she awake right now?’ I looked over and she was dead asleep,” Kylie said. Stormi is such a mood!