Kylie Jenner’s Favorite Meals Are Sure to Inspire Your Next Cooking Binge — See Photos!

Even the Kar-Jenners love to snack, y’all! We all know Kylie Jenner has an impeccable body and figure — so we’re not surprised to hear you’re curious about what the makeup mogul, 22, likes to eat. Luckily for you, Ky isn’t shy about sharing her favorite foods with the world, namely on Instagram.

In fact, the brunette beauty recently shared a few snaps of a recent meal sesh … and needless to say, we were drooling over the whole thing. The proud parent showed off a plate of well-done fries, a plate of some seriously lit tacos, a stacked avocado toast and a cheesy pepperoni pizza. If only we could’ve stuck a fork through the screen …

Not only does Kylie have a knack for a good snack, but her daughter, Stormi Webster, does too. “Stormi loves sushi,” the KUWTK star revealed to close pal Heather Sanders while making an appearance on her family YouTube channel back in May 2019. “I’ll take her to Nobu … I don’t feed her anything raw, but she just loves edamame.”

Literally, do not mess with this baby’s Japanese food, people. “They’ll bring the whole thing of edamame. She will not stop until it’s all gone. She eats all the edamame,” Kylie gushed, before adding, “She’ll eat a whole bowl of soy sauce rice.” Plus, having her 2-year-old helped Ky see the merits of taking care of your body, through both diet and exercise.

“Before Kylie had Stormi, she never did any exercise and ate a ton of junk food as well as home-made comfort food,” an insider told Life & Style exclusively in April 2019. “But since giving birth, she has been working with a trainer several times a week, trying to watch what she eats and getting tips from her ultra-fit sisters.”

At the end of the day, the source assured that Kylie “loves her body more than ever and wants Stormi to grow up with that same kind of confidence.”

Scroll through the gallery to see Kylie’s favorite breakfast, lunch and dinner foods!