It's probably better Luke Pell didn't become The Bachelor after JoJo Fletcher's season of The Bachelorette, judging by the way he treated The Bachelor Winter Games contestant Stassi Yaramchuk. The two former flames faced each other again during the Feb. 22 "World Tells All" episode after he apparently cut off all communication with her once the cameras stopped rolling. She didn't get much closure during their deeply uncomfortable interview with host Chris Harrison, but she did deliver one of the sickest burns we've ever seen on reality TV. When her former flame came to the stage, she said, "Hello. Stassi. Nice to meet you."

So what happened to Luke and Stassi anyway? Well, let's start from the beginning. They really hit it off during the Winter Games, despite their cultural differences. (Stassi, 26, is a model from Belarus who moved to Borlänge, Sweden, and competed on the third season of the Swedish Bachelor. Luke, 33, is a country singer-songwriter from Nashville, TN.)

Luke and Stassi even bonded over their histories of heart problems during their time filming the show in Vermont. But only one of them suffered a broken heart in this Winter Games experience, it seems. When Chris Harrison introduced their highlight reel in the Feb. 22 reunion show, Stassi blurted out, "Aw, s–t."

As that montage showed, Luke certainly seemed into Stassi. "I never thought I would be connecting with Stassi, of all people — this Swedish, Russian-born, beautiful human being from the other side of the world," he said. (Dude, she's from Belarus, and what do you mean, "of all people"?)

"We have this deep connection that's completely coincidental. It's serendipitous, really," he continued. "We have this connection that's undeniable, and I can see myself falling in love." (During one of their dates, he even tells Stassi, "I wanna see where this can go. What does the future look like? What do you see?")

But as Stassi told Chris, Luke ghosted her after the season wrapped. He never even bothered to get her cell phone number. "He took so much effort to really understand me … It seemed so real," she said. "And then, it was nothing. After the show, it was nothing."

During his turn in the hot seat, Luke tried to defend his behavior, saying his and Stassi's relationship wouldn't have worked IRL and claiming they agreed about that.

"As suddenly as we had the chemistry and the connection that we did, all the cameras shut off, and we're back to staring down the barrel of life," he said. "And it's not just geographical difference, but sometimes, it's just your life might be in a different place. And I felt like we were kind of getting to that point in the conversations we had right after the show wrapped."

Quipped Stassi: "Was I unconscious when you said that? Was I, like, alive when you were saying that?" (Sick burn #2!)

"You didn't even try," she told him. How, after this, [could you] not have any contact? You've got to be kidding me. How, after this, [could you] cut a person from your life completely?"

"Yeah, and I apologize for that," Luke said, barely making eye contact. "I didn't want to be confusing in any way about that. After our conversation, we were both saying, 'Hey, this might be, you know, the end of us in a dating relationship.'"

"I'm sorry, I missed this part," replied Stassi. She then asked Chris if they could be done, so Chris cut to a commercial break. The cameras kept recording during the break, however, and we saw Luke apologize to her "for the confusion."

"I mean, I still don't even believe what happened," she fired back. "I think I just believe in us more than you did. I think for me, it's just too painful … For me, what was between us was not a show … So you just decided after the show, 'I won't even try to be with her?'"

All Luke could say was, "Yeah," so Stassi stormed off the podium. And frankly, we don't blame her one bit. Hopefully, producers will invite her to Bachelor in Paradise and she'll enjoy not just a warmer locale but a hotter romance.