There really is a show for everything these days. On June 19, Netflix released a new game show called Floor Is Lava and surprisingly, it’s become a huge hit. The competition series continues to hold down the No. 1 spot in the streaming platform’s Top 10. Question is, what the heck is Floor Is Lava about? To learn everything you need to know before binge-watching season 1, keep reading!

Where did the concept for Floor Is Lava come from?

Floor Is Lava originated as a children’s playground game. Basically, someone screams out “floor is lava!” and all of the players have to get from Point A to Point B without touching the floor/ground. (That’s literally the only rule.) For example, if you were playing Floor Is Lava in your living room and you have to get from the couch to the entrance, you might use pillows or blankets to make a safe walkway.

Floor Is Lava on Netflix is a lot more extreme:

Because this is television, the creators of the series weren’t going to just let contestants bounce around in a living room — they had to up the stakes! Floor Is Lava, hosted by auto racing analyst Rutledge Wood, features a number of obstacle courses with booby-traps at every turn. Of course, the “lava” isn’t actually lava. As far as we can tell, it’s just a swimming pool with red, yellow and orange lights. That said, if a contestant does fall in or get sprayed with the “lava,” they act as though it is real.

Floor Is Lava on Netflix

What do you win on Floor Is Lava?

Every episode follows three teams of three — usually family members or a group of friends — competing for $10,000 and a lava lamp. It may only be $3,000 per person, but think about the story you’ll have?

Can you audition for Floor Is Lava?

As it stands, Netflix has yet to give Floor Is Lava the green light for a season 2. However, if they do, you can check out Netflix casting calls on

Happy mindless binge-watching!

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