With The Bachelorette winding down and Bachelor in Paradise not premiering until Aug. 14, many fans are dreading the inevitable summer dry spell where there are no bachelors to root for or bachelorette contestants to wish death upon.

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But don’t feel discouraged! There are actually several new reality shows premiering this summer that are all geared at satisfying that itch left over by Bachelor Nation. Below, a list of shows you definitely need to be watching if you haven’t done so already.

The Spouse House (TLC, Sundays 10/9 C)

spouse house

(Photo Credit: TLC}

What if all the couples on Bachelor in Paradise were more interested in commitment than, you know, having sex with anyone who’s available? That’s where The Spouse House comes in. The show takes 12 couples and moves them into a house. Every week the couples either have to accept a proposal or face eviction, which means everyone has that desperate “he must marry me now” disposition we’ve learned to love from The Bachelor. And lots and lots of crying, too.

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A Question of Love (FYI, Tuesdays 10/9 C)

a question of love

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Now that Married at First Sight is on Lifetime, FYI has been scrambling to replicate their hit show — and A Question of Love might be their best answer. Similar to MAFS, this show is yet another “social experiment” that takes three couples and has them ask each other difficult questions. It sounds simple enough, but with questions like “When did you stop loving me?” and “What would you change about me, if you could?” on the table, it’s pretty much a set-up for non-stop drama and arguments — which is what we’re here for.

At the end of the 30 days, the couples have to decide if they’re going to stay together or break up for good. This show is more like The Bachelor if cameras kept rolling after the finale.

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Little Women LA: Couples Retreat (Lifetime, premieres July 26)

little women la couples retreat

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The famous couples from the Little Women: LA franchise get together for a retreat where, with the help of a relationship expert, they discuss their issues and go on fun excursions together to build intimacy and teamwork. We guess you can say it’s a mixture of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars and those international dates on The Bachelor.

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Date Night Live (Lifetime, premieres July 27)

date night live

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Similar to NBC’s First Dates, Date Night Live follows six to seven couples as they go on blind dates live. Although there will be three hosts on standby to provide commentary, the show promises to have zero producer influence or any host meddling, which means all you’re going to get are raw, cringe-worthy dates. Could be the best thing ever or a complete trainwreck — and honestly, we couldn’t be happy if it was anything less. Considering the “hands off” approach to the couples, it’s the complete opposite of The Bachelor.

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90 Day Fiancé: Before the 90 Days (TLC, premieres Aug. 6)

90 day fiance spinoff

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Another spin-off to TLC’s successful 90 Day Fiancé, this show looks at couples before they start the K-1 visa process as they meet their international mates for the first time. There promises to be a lot of drama as couples deal with culture clashes, age gaps, and other creepiness we’ve come to love from the franchise.

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