Every year, women from all over the country fly to find love (and Instagram partnerships) on The Bachleor. Now, of course, these hand-picked women start at the Bachelor Mansion, but where TF is it?! In the name of all things Bachelor Nation, we’ve decided to do a deep-dive investigation into where the reality show is filmed — plus where Arie Luyendyk Jr.‘s lucky ladies will travel this season!

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Enjoy West Coast!

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Now, if you’re stealthy (like we are) then you’d notice that Arie tags the location of his pics in front of the mansion as Agoura Hills, CA. And, according to the Internet, the mansion is specifically located in the California community and is called “Villa De La Vina.” It’s a whopping 7,590-square-feet, six-bedroom, nine-bath custom-built home. Sounds like paradise, right? It was built in 2005 and is located on 10 acres of land at 2351 Kanan Road (just in case you want to swing by for a visit). As of Oct. 10, 2008, the home was listed for sale at a price of $8.75 million.

You’re probably thinking that it can’t get any better than that. But, alas you’d be wrong because it does every year when the contestants and star travel the world on the most amazing dates. This year, Arie’s ladies are reportedly headed to some pretty awesome locations. (Spoilers ahead, duh!)

The totally loaded racecar driver is bringing his dates to some Instagram-worthy locations. Reality Steve has reported spotting Lauren Burnham on a date in Paris, plus dates in Florence and possibly Tuscany too. That means that these women will be galavanting all over Europe on their bound to be romantic dates. And if this news is making you wonder who Arie picks in the end, check out our spoilers here. This season is bound to be a wild ride!