Things are getting serious on The Voice! Now that the competition is well into Week 7, coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Miley Cyrus, and Jennifer Hudson are doing everything they can to make sure their teams are full of super strong performers. Now that there's one week left before the live shows, the coaches are each allowed to steal one singer from another team — but with only one more day left in the knockout rounds, fans are wondering who has a steal left on The Voice?

After the Monday, Nov. 6 episode, coach Jennifer Hudson is the only coach left with a steal! Miley Cyrus used her steal on Adam Pearce, who was originally on Team Adam. Adam Pearce went up against his fellow teammate Emily Luther and he eventually lost. Jennifer and Miley both had steals left, and at the last minute, Miley decided to bring him onto her team to have a second chance so that means Jennifer still has one steal left to use during tonight's episode. Keep reading below to find out more about the steals and how they work!

What is a steal on The Voice?

The idea was to give each coach a steal during the battle rounds to steal a contestant from the opposing team if that contestant lost their battle. The new twist was added during Season 3 — which is when the knockout rounds were also introduced — as a way to give deserving contestants a second chance.

“It worked better than we hoped,” producer Mark Burnett said in 2012 interview with the Today show. “It’s been a very kind experience. We try to create a very kind experience on this show where people who deserve to stay, have a chance to stay.”

How many steals do coaches get per season?

Each coach gets two steals and they can use them during both the battle rounds and the knockout rounds.