Making a name for himself! Parmount+’s 1923 star Brandon Sklenar will become a household name after playing Atlas Corrigan in the It Ends With Us film adaptation.

While the exciting news was announced in April 2023, the highly anticipated movie isn’t Brandon’s first-ever film role. In fact, he’s nabbed a few parts over the years before becoming the breakout star of the Yellowstone spinoff series 1923 playing Spencer Dutton. However, the New Jersey native always knew he would be an actor.

“I just loved just building these characters that weren’t necessarily me. I used that as a technique in school,” Brandon told Esquire in February 2023 of his childhood, in part. “I had a lot of social anxiety when I was a little kid — and I had severe dyslexia and a really bad stutter. I probably used that in some way to try to fit in. And in doing so, you didn’t fit in at all, because you’re just this weird kid who’s pretending to be somebody else.”

From the look of it, things worked out in his favor. Keep reading for everything to know about Brandon, including roles, net worth and more. 

Who Is Brandon Sklenar?

The New Jersey native is known for his role as Spencer in 1923.

Who Is Brandon Sklenar? The '1923' Star Was Cast in 'It Ends With Us'
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“[It’s] one of the great things about doing this for a living – every character teaches you something about yourself. Spencer taught me a lot and continues to. I think having not experienced war myself, the small glimpse into how I would react to it surprised me,” the star told U.K.’s Man About Town in April 2023. “You might react with humor or whatever your coping mechanism is. It’s a constant learning process. I’ve never enjoyed playing a character or working on a project as much as this, so it’s truly a blessing that I’m associated with 1923. I’m excited to continue that journey.”

Aside from playing Spencer, the budding star has also appeared in movies like Vice, The Big Ugly, Midway, Mapplethorpe, Futra Days and more. Brandon is also no stranger to TV, having booked roles in The Offer, New Girl, Westworld and Walker: Independence.

What Is Brandon Sklenar’s Net Worth?

The Paramount+ star’s net worth is reportedly between $1 million and $5 million, according to multiple outlets.

Is Brandon Sklenar Playing Atlas in ‘It Ends With Us’?

Brandon won the coveted role of Atlas, based on the character from Colleen Hoover‘s book of the same name.

“Cannot wait for this,” the author posted on Instagram following the official announcement. “Loving the cast so far. Feels like a dream.”