It’s only week one of The Voice’s new season and the competition is high. So much, in fact, that contestant Brennan Lassiter already had Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton fighting over her during the first blind auditions episode, which aired on Monday, September 23. Things got so interesting that Gwen tried using her relationship with Blake as an advantage and tried to steal Brennan away from the rest of the mentors.

The 20-year-old performed her own rendition of Johnny Cash’s “You Are My Sunshine,” and her talent instantly blew the coaches away. Blake was the first to turn his chair around, followed, by Kelly, Gwen and then John. By the end of her performance, each of the professional singers offered a riveting pitch as to why they would make the best mentor. Gwen was so determined to get the South Carolina native on her team that she offered her a two for one deal.

“I feel sorry for me, Kelly and John because Blake Shelton is the best country singer ever in the whole world,” Gwen began before her longtime bf interrupted to say “this is reverse psychology.” The “Hollaback Girl” crooner continued, “There’s so much to get out of this show. It’s so inspiring to be here, and I have a lot to offer a young girl. It doesn’t matter what genre it is. Blake’s my best friend. If I ever have to tap in for an emergency, he’s gonna help me, and that is just a fact. You get me, you get him.”

While that was a compelling pitch, it didn’t work on Brennan. In the end, she decided to choose Kelly as her mentor, who was both surprised and overly excited about Brennan’s decision.

Before The Voice came back, Gwen revealed to Entertainment Tonight that she and Blake have “similar taste in voices,” which is bound to cause some light-hearted drama on the show. “I think me and Blake hear a lot of the same kind of stuff and have the same kind of taste in voices,” she told the outlet. “But I also think, John and I do. But Kelly and I don’t.” Well, this was a rare case where they all agreed. That being said, we can’t wait to see what else happens on the singing competition!