Derek Peth Girlfriend Explain, Saffron Vadher
Courtesy of Saffron Vadher/Instagram

Moved on! Bachelor in Paradise alum Derek Peth is dating model Saffron Vadher following his split from ex-fiancée Taylor Nolan in 2018.

Derek and Taylor fell in love and got engaged during season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise. Upon returning home, the former flames attempted to do long-distance from opposite coasts, but ultimately couldn’t make it work. “It was very stressful at the end,” Derek confessed during a July 2018 interview on The Morning Toast. “I continue to process [the breakup] all the time.”

Fast forward to March 2020, and Derek and Saffron made things official after appearing in several cute TikTok videos together amid the coronavirus quarantine. To learn more about Saffron, keep reading! 

Saffron is a high-fashion model: 

In September 2018, she landed the cover of Vogue India. Saffron has also appeared in American and British Vogue, Vanity Fair France and Allure.

She used to work at Domino’s Pizza: 

Just two years before her modeling career took off, Saffron worked at Domino’s. “It’s good to have done those kinds of jobs!” she previously told Elite Model Look. “It makes me appreciate what modeling has given me, it’s a crazy world but you could get used to it if you hadn’t done a minimum wage job — that’s hard! I miss the free pizzas though.” 

Saffron has passions outside of modeling: 

In the same interview, Saffron revealed she loves “cooking old family recipes” and “trying out new recipes.” 

Derek Peth Girlfriend Explain, Saffron Vadher
Courtesy of Derek Peth/Instagram

She’s proud of her heritage: 

Saffron was born in Kenya, but her father is from Gujarati, India, and her mother is British. “Being from two cultures is something that I am so thankful for,” she gushed. “Learning about two different religions and two different beliefs has been one of my favorite things growing up. I would say it makes me very open-minded to other cultures and makes me more relatable.”

Saffron had Leukemia as a child:

“I got diagnosed before my 4th birthday,” Saffron recalled. “So, if I am honest, I don’t remember much about it. One thing I do remember about it was the constant injections.” 

She went on to admit that she has a phobia of needles to this day. “I still cry and pull my arm away even now when I know I am getting my blood taken.”

She appreciates romance:

“One of my all-time favorite fiction books is Me Before You by JoJo Moyes. I am a sucker for a love story!”

Here’s hoping Saffron and Derek go the distance!

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